Relating With Women – What Would You Tell Your Younger Self?

EDITOR’S NOTE: We took to social media to ask some men the same question. What would you tell your younger self about relationships, knowing what you know now? Is it advice? Perhaps. Or maybe it’s simply an elder supporting a young man on a mysterious path of exploration.

You could’ve just had fun instead of taking every relationship seriously.
Tom McCarter

Always follow YOUR purpose! The relationship will either align or it won’t. If it doesn’t it wasn’t. And that part should be considered none of your business. Attempt to always take the high road. Children and family will appreciate that even if they don’t express it. Also none of your business. Your business is YOUR purpose. If your purpose is only the relationship, good luck and God bless you!
Jason Campos-Keck

If your woman says look at this thing, look at that thing.
Jay Bond

Because I don’t look like Clark Gable, I won’t get much female attention until I make something of myself. Then have a good time with recreational fun. When ready, settle down after VIGOROUSLY vetting my potential life mate. And get a pre-nup.
Ross Ohmen

Be self-sufficient first, so you won’t need her for anything, allowing you to enjoy each other.
David Plante

Make daily deposits.
Also don’t consider “AI” as an excuse for anything. Lol.
Eric Mortimer

Always wear clean underwear You never know when you might get laid!!
Plus Saddle up, ButterCup, it’s gonna get rough out there.
Brad Leslie

Don’t be an idiot OR learn to make decisions based on healthy choices that are in line with the life and legacy you want to build, not based on how you’re feeling in the moment. Either works.
David De Francisco

Know when to hold them, and know when to fold them!
Gary Boutin

Never give a woman exactly what she asks for.
Scott Roserunner Baldwin

My younger self wouldn’t listen; it didn’t then and wouldn’t now. My younger self had an agenda and wouldn’t listen to my dad’s knowledge through his experience or anyone else so there has to be a better way to get through to these men. Young men with big balls are an animal unto themselves. Us “older“ men know this (we have been them), and it’s a tough place. Again, your younger self not gonna listen to anyone but their wanker and balls, finding a way through that is a job … and a rewarding adventure for sure.
James Turner

Beware the advice of gurus; they are just people, too.
David Crouch

Stick close to your circle of men.
Jim Ellis

Always bring exact change.
Jeffrey Levine

Nurture and maintain high standards for yourself and your partner. Identify and speak her “love languages.”
Kraig Beale

“There’s no such thing as a “stranger”- just “8+ billion friends you have yet to make.”
Also: “Look at every engagement with another person as an opportunity to team-up in an activity or goal. “
Lastly: “Happy is a choice as is despair; do you want to lead with “happy” or follow “despair?”
Peter Hymans

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  1. Love these comments. Especially the young fella that don’t listen to nobody. That was me too. I would say to him though, stop chasing the big city lights, longing for love and listening to love songs. Listen to more ACDC, go straight to a rig and be the roughneck from hell. Don’t worry about women, your chance(s) will come. Especially if you build a kingdom first.

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