Questions of Purpose Answered

Gary Wojciechowski 
MDI Contributor

I take it to heart:

  • “Are you living your purpose?”
  • “What purpose do you choose?”
  • “What does it mean to live your purpose?”

Am I living my purpose? Well yes, although not always as fully as I would like.

What purpose do I choose? I choose to make the world better; it may be in small ways, it may be in big ways but it will be better. I choose to understand myself, the world the universe and the deeper truths in it all.

What does it mean to live my purpose?  By choosing to make the world better I find that I will work on myself, volunteer to help others, or organizations such as MDI. I’ll try to fix things, help people, argue for better governance, and work on my own self-improvement.

As I can’t help others unless I can be an example of what I’d like to see in the world, by understanding myself and looking for deeper truths I hope to make wiser choices and influence life for the better.

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