Pearls of Wisdom Around Money and Abundance

EDITOR’S NOTE: We all have been through so much in a life, including the dance around money-making and money-managing. Have you any pearls of wisdom around money, something you have learned over time? Below the Legacy Magazine has collected a number of these quips into one larger story for our monthly theme dedicated to “men and money.” Sharing the wealth…

1. “Money is not scarce. In fact money exists everywhere. It’s only our attitude about money that creates scarcity.”
2. “Money is not the root to all evil. It only allows people with evil intent to commit evil deeds.”
~ David Wainwright, Investor, Early MDI Founder

How about stopping and looking at your bills to make sure they are right?
~ Wes Nichols

1. Do what you love. Being an entrepreneur is full of failure, and if you don’t love what you’re doing, it’ll be very hard to get up for the 10th time to win for the 11th!
2. Don’t wait for a door to open kick it in! I believe the secret to my success has always been that I get up earlier and work harder than the next guy. I definitely know it’s not because I’m smarter.
3. Relationships are everything. I’ve re-designed my career three times in the last 37 years. Every time I did that, it came down to having incredibly strong relationships to support me.
~ Jeff Lawrence, VP of Sales and Marketing, Simply Solventless Concentrates

Yes – lay low; keep your mouth shut and learn to monetize your talents. I didn’t learn all that well.
~ Pete Hymans

Number one tip: don’t piss it away.
~ Brad Leslie

There is plenty of it out there; go get yours.
~ David Plante

There’s no such thing as a shortage of money. There’s only a shortage of creative ideas that will manifest it.
~ Matt Coddington

The best lesson I’ve learned as a financial planner is from my clients. When you get a raise, or a new job with a higher income, set a percentage for increased savings and increased lifestyle. There is never a time in your life when it is easier to increase your savings than when your income increases. Save half and spend half on new things. Or 2/3 to 1/3. You will become used to the new savings amount and still enjoy an improved lifestyle. Use the same philosophy with bonuses, inheritances and other financial windfalls.
~ Geoff Tomlinson, Financial Planner

1. Pay yourself first.
2. A job will provide money temporarily; saving and investing will provide money for a lifetime.
3. Don’t loan it if you can’t donate it.
~ Bryce Honstead, Owner, ProBuilt Construction

There is an idea to consider that we make or attract the amount of money we feel we are worth or deserve.
~ David Zwicker

If you can do so, pay your bills as soon as they come in. Don’t hold onto even that small of debt for even a moment. See how clear your mind is if you do this practice.
~ Jim Ellis

Dream Board/Book – find or create images of the financial results you want and what you’ll do with your money, and then put them together in a book or story board. The corollary is that what you visualize will materialize.
~ Eric Louie

It does not appear that I will ever be comfortable with my financial status. Financial success has not delivered the magical security that it seems to promise. My experience confirms what the great masters have said: There is no end to our desires, therefore practice contentment.
~ Robert Mackintosh

I got nothin’.
… can I borrow a few bucks? 😂
~ David De Francisco 

3 thoughts on “Pearls of Wisdom Around Money and Abundance”

  1. Michael Burns

    My dad taught me, “If you can do so, pay your bills as soon as they come in. Don’t hold onto even that small of debt for even a moment. See how clear your mind is if you do this practice”
    when I became a young man with a credit card. Never forgot it, never paid interest on a card. Mentoring is a good thing!

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