A Tool for Visualization

Jeff Kidman
Contributing Writer

kidman3Legacy Discovery Shaman Jeff Kidman brings to you exercises you can undertake anywhere, at a time that works for you. For the man on a men’s team, in a men’s group or out there on his own. The intention of these exercises is to bring you into greater connection to something bigger, so that you can broaden your context, reach your highest potential and ultimately be more successful in the endeavors that matter to you and those you influence.

A Tool For Visualization

You can use the tool of visualization to better your life.

I first learned to visualize through martial arts training as a teenager.

The most basic was picturing where your strikes would connect. Think about your fist going to the back of the person. Think about the kick ending on the other side of the punching bag. You diminish your impact if you only think about striking the surface. We were also asked to visualize our breathing. We would sometimes do this at the end of a strenuous class. Picture your inhaled breath bringing in light and healing energy into your body. Picture the exhale letting go of the hurt or the tensions in your body. I pictured the good energy coming is as a bright multicolored static that spread everywhere inside my body. My exhaled breath was black dust as a young man but has evolved to a visualization of giving the pain to the earth where it can be absorbed.

I have a strong visualization I use when I am laying awake trying to fall asleep. I’m sure we have all had the experience of laying awake with our minds racing through details from the day or plans for tomorrow. I will picture man who is in charge of my thoughts. He is relentless and wants my mind to keep working. I take him out of his control room in my head, tell him it’s time to rest, he’s worked hard enough today. Picturing him closing the door to his room and laying down to rest helps me to calm my mind. He sometimes has to be taken out of his room several times, but this will often help me to sleep.

When I have to approach a difficult conversation  my mind will often start to run through the most difficult outcomes, the reactions and mean things we might end up saying. I often have a better outcome when I begin to simply visualize caring about that person. I picture them loved and loving. I picture joy and help and support for them and me.

These and many other visualizations allow me to connect with my body, and also help me to connect with the healing energy of others and the healing energy that the universe (insert your spiritual practice here) is always trying to give us.

This energy always wants to get beyond the surface. Get beyond our thoughts and fears to where we connect with ourselves, those around us and the greater energy around us. Wherever we think we are in life, there is always another level, another depth we can picture, if only we visualize getting beyond the surface.

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