Out Of The Cold – Eastern Canada


The Out of the Cold program is a standing volunteer initiative, co-created and sustained by congregations from faith groups, community members and advocates who provide safe refuge, hospitality and emergency shelter to the homeless and under-housed community throughout the City of Toronto. Team Catalyst from Toronto in the Eastern Canada Region is fully supporting this initiative. 

MDI men, their families and friends contributed almost $1,400, well ahead of the target of $1,000. A big THANK YOU to all our backers. The team led by Philip Pellat served about 150 hot, 3-course meals on March 5.

The MDI team is committed to serving and contributing to the communities we live in. At Out of the Cold, many who live in hardship come and find some relief. Different groups come weekly to deliver food and care, each in their own way. Team Catalyst is taking its turn, and they succeeded in bringing a great quality, delicious, and memorable meal. 

Here is a message from Anthony Dykstra, captain of Team Catalyst, who was the face of MDI this time:

“Team Catalyst stepped up yesterday (March 5) to better the world – if only for one day. On this day we worked together to create a flawless event to better our lives, our team’s life and the lives of the less fortunate. Every man who stepped up followed through and helped create an event that was fun, exciting and bonding. As team captain I am and have been so proud of my men. I am blessed that I created a shared unique experience with them. After the event … (a woman) … commented how incredible it is that a group of men can get together and do what we did. She had never heard of men stepping up like this. Thanks men for being you. It is so rewarding to engage in these community events. I encourage every team to make this happen.” 

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