Ode to the “Do It Alone Mofo”

Dylan Stewart


Oh you grand specimen of man.

You flawless and perfect individual.

You need no one.

You want no one.

You can do it all.

Help? What is that? Just another four-letter word?

When faced with insurmountable odds, when up against the wall, when you’ve waited to the last minute… Have no fear… You can do it all.

And what a great lesson you give to those around you. What an example. What a revelation to others you create when you tell them, “I don’t need you OR your lousy offer of help.”

For when the task is challenging, for when the mountain is high, for when all seems lost… who can doubt that you will somehow succeed. Maybe not as great as the intentions. Maybe not as high as the true potential. But somehow, somewhere… you will squeak under the wire.

If only, if only you knew… the power of asking for help. If only you knew the gift you give to others when you allow them to assist. If only you knew the example you set for those around you, those who see your accomplishments… and wish they too could do it all alone. Without help.

If only you knew what you could truly accomplish, what you could truly achieve, what you could truly create… if you were more than one man.

But alas, such gifts will go unknown. Such spectacles shall go unseen. Such gifts shall remain wrapped and undelivered.

For you are amazing. You alone, you can do it all. You great, grand man… “The Do It Alone Mofo…”

You are something else.

Something special.

Something… Well, let’s just say you’re something, and leave it at that.

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