Next MDI President to be Picked Like Most Team Leaders: Newest Man, Least Qualified and Given No Support

By Willie B. Hardigan

Searching for consistency across the organization, the Board of Directors has decided to use a new protocol when locating, enrolling, vetting and then placing a man into the MDI President position.

Calling upon the easy, effortlessness and pretend manner in which veteran teammates support their newly enrolled team leaders, the Board will search out the newest man who has the least amount of experience, claiming he will be the one who could learn the most in the position. 

“What better way to grow?” said some team leader who recently quit in a furry of frustration. “I guess if it’s used at the team level, then the international level should use it as well. What could go wrong?” 

In a memo circulated to each of the top leaders, the directive was to utilize these talking points regarding the newly named MDI President:

  1. “He will get the most out of the role.”
  2. “We have all done this sort of work before, and it would be redundant for any of us to take the position.”
  3. “We will be there for the new leader, standing right behind him, ensuring that he will get everything he needs to win in his job.”

Though this has never worked in the history of MDI – as many a man has symbolically drowned while others have watched on passively – the leadership plans to take this initiative into the next election. 

Everyone is forewarned. Especially the new guys. 

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