Mike Connor on The Power of Men & Money

Mike Connor
Guest Contributor

EDITOR’S NOTE: MDI alumnus Mike Connor is a CEO of a training organization focused on maximizing human potential. The author or co-author of five books, Connor also provides the “Men & Money” workshop, focusing on topics: “Your Purpose,” “Your Beliefs,” and “Applying the Cycle of Abundance.” He speaks here via video offering a few teaser tips regarding our monthly theme. He can be reached at: mpconnor41@gmail.com.

“The world you see ‘outside’ yourself and the amount of money and wealth you have is directly related to your inner beliefs about money and your reasons for wanting more. Connect to your true purpose for wanting more money, have the courage to look deeply at your core beliefs and make the commitment to embody and live from a more expansive and abundant context, and your inner and outer worlds will open up in seemingly miraculous ways!” 

Mike Connor
Men & Money 

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