Men’s Work is Booooooooooring – So What

Jim Ellis
Editor, Legacy Magazine


Let’s face it!

Men’s work is booooooooooring.

Mentor Discover Inspire is boooooring. A real snoozefest.

And where that may sound like a total put-down, that view can be seen as a good thing or a bad thing, depending on your frame of reference. Let’s take a look at both viewpoints.

First of all, there is nothing apparently interesting about men doing good, displaying integrity, supporting and challenging each other to be their best, or fighting an honorable battle to create successful families, careers and communities.

I mean zzzzzzz. Wake me when SWAT comes on.

Such is the work men do in circles all over North America, and I imagine – where the work has a higher purpose of strengthening men for the well-being of society – all over the world.

These types of endeavors won’t find its way into the headlines. It won’t sell newspapers; it won’t sell magazines; it won’t be showcased on 20/20, 60 Minutes, or those CNN or FOX newscasts. Don Lemon won’t highlight it in a split screen interview with a man of honor and a man of dishonor giving a variety of viewpoints. TMZ won’t blast exclusive footage of men wrapping and giving gifts through the ELF program or creating a holiday party for 150-plus women and children of Serenity House.

Nah. How boring would that be?

But it does happen. We at MDI have seen it, and we have participated in it.

So, what does hit the headlines? Penises gone wild. Weinstein. Spacey. Moore. Men ejaculating into potted plants. Grown men mounting underage boys. Some of the stories are alleged, and some are just accepted as fact. There are admissions of guilt and partial admissions of guilt. And it’s left at that. The end.

But wait a minute; is that the end of the story? Is that the full story? And what about the greatness of men, and all they do to make themselves stronger and make a community better?

Who gives a crap!

Well those taking part in true men’s work give a crap. They care to a degree few will see. They care more than what could ever fit on a TV screen or within the pages of a newspaper.

As men of honor, putting out a consistent effort of good will does not lend itself to self-disclosure or self-glory. We just don’t talk about it or bask in it, as that would just seem lame.

We are too busy focusing on other insignificant things, like:

  • Being the centered, empowered man for our wives, kids and loved ones.
  • Focusing on, facing and telling the unvarnished, raw truth.
  • Having the kind of fun that takes the edge off of life’s pressure so we can show up “no problem” for the rest of our life.
  • Learning leadership skills that can serve at all levels, including the humanity level.


The honorable man and honorable path may not hold the interest of those in the media, nor carry the clout, fashion or glitz that generates attention of the masses. But on a very real level it’s the pathway of the unsung hero. The journey of the hero never promised any of us a parade or medal. We were never promised a meme: “Good news travels fast.”

But that doesn’t matter in the end.

We do it because it’s the job we were meant to do – on a level aligned with the largest of circles – and that needn’t be any more interesting or exciting than that.

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