Men From All Over Answer the Father’s Legacy Question

In a recent post on an Mentor Discover Inspire Facebook page, a question was posed. A pretty darn revealing question: “In a word, a phrase or a sentence, what is your father’s legacy?”

And you … what is your father’s legacy? Tell us in the comment section! Here are a few answers from the Facebook page to get you going.

  • BL: Me.
  • KB: Be kind, always.
  • BW: Service… My Dad always served his community in whatever capacity he was able… Tomorrow would be my Dad’s 78th birthday and the first since he passed away last summer and I plan to honour his memory by celebrating that…
  • DF: Don’t quit.
  • SF: Warmth and Humor.
  • KR: Drug addiction and gone.
  • TM: A rock who held honor, commitment & family in the highest regard.
  • SM: A perfectly imperfect humble man, husband, father of six and every other child that walked into our home.
  • MH: Don’t Give Up The Ship.
  • MH: Breath.
  • SS: What can you do next?
  • PH: Thank you, Pop, for the endless efforts you made to create a warm, comfortable, lively, educational and diverse growing-up experience, rich with humor, books, trips, excellent dwelling and the “can-do” work ethic you gave all of us!
  • MP: “Do it right the first time.”
  • TP: Family.
  • RG: Find a girl and get married.
  • BE: Heart and truth.
  • JB: Integrity.
  • JB: Humor.
  • JE: The universe is perfect.
  • WH: Work hard. Support, care!
  • PTL: Let your mother handle it, I just want to go play poker.
  • NC: Hard work!
  • JS: Keep your word.
  • DS: Raise up my brothers and sisters.
  • GD: Loving people and honesty.
  • TF: ME!

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