MDI Man of the Year – Name Your Man

Since 2014, the Legacy Magazine has named its “Man of the Year.”
That man matched this criteria:

The Legacy Magazine MDI Man of the Year is the man who has truly exemplified the spirit of MDI’s core values and principles, showing up as an example for successful families, careers, and communities, while helping put MDI on the map for its highest impact.

Previous winners of the Legacy Magazine’s Man of the Year:

  • 2014 – Ashanti Branch – Western Region
  • 2015 – Jeff Lawrence – Western Canada Region
  • 2016 – Brian Mumford – New England Region
  • 2017 – Ian Kennard – Eastern Canada

Name your man.

Who will you nominate for the MDI Man of the Year for 2018?

What man made such an impact on your life and the lives of others, that he deserves such a title?

Submit your nomination using the form below, with a name of a man and a short paragraph explaining why you feel he should hold such an honor.

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2 thoughts on “MDI Man of the Year – Name Your Man”

  1. For all the reasons above, I hope you all consider that Howard Spierer has truly been 2018’s MDI, “Man of the Year”.

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