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Satraipal Fred Rai
Guest Writer


For this edition of the Legacy Magazine, I was asked recently “What lessons have I learned from men?”

I then went onto Facebook and asked if anyone cared to chime in….

Comments below.

JW: Stand bold and strong and face your fears. Granted I learned this from the Male icons of our generation. This generation is fucked.
SS: Be your word.
ST: Feelings and the sharing of them are not only done by strong men but it makes them stronger.
PM: Denying your feelings either puts your life on hold or makes it worse.
AD: Here for a good time not a long time!
TN: Fear + survival = confidence.
AT: Be true to your self and your principles.
LD: That unfortunately, still in most men it seems that we are a weak kind when it comes to making selfish decisions.
PL: Us men don’t need a reason to justify ourselves, just be a man and be real!
TM: They taught me that what I think giving my best is … is not necessarily my best.
DP: All of the lessons!
MA: If I change what is right and wrong to make my wife happy, she will still leave!
IS: Take what you do for a living seriously, don’t take yourself seriously – Vincent Price
SR: I tell the truth to myself and about myself, then I do what I want because that’s what makes me strong and happy.
DH: To be a better man human being and spirit.
MG: Oh yeah the big one … don’t piss into the wind.
Keep learning. Keep growing. Keep sharing.

1 thought on “Asking the Question of the Day”

  1. SR: I tell the truth to myself and about myself, then I do what I want because that’s what makes me strong and happy.
    I’m going to add a story to this. Along time ago and far far away LOL I was on the team called the killer whales and at the time Armitage and was known as the rock. I had I had a choice to make and I felt conflicted did love was getting married and so is my brother. I brought it to the team because my brother was getting married in Ontario. Ron Trembley and his simple wisdom looked at me and said what the fuck do you want to do. In the face of such simple Logic the answer was easy, be with my biological brother.

    So what I would say is always take as much time as you need to know what you want to do what makes your heart sing in your energy sore and step towards that.

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