Insight For The Modern Man

Satraipal Fred Rai
Guest Writer


For this edition of the Legacy Magazine, I was asked recently “What lessons have I learned from men?”

I then went onto Facebook and asked if anyone cared to chime in….

Comments below.

JW: Stand bold and strong and face your fears. Granted I learned this from the Male icons of our generation. This generation is fucked.
SS: Be your word.
ST: Feelings and the sharing of them are not only done by strong men but it makes them stronger.
PM: Denying your feelings either puts your life on hold or makes it worse.
AD: Here for a good time not a long time!
TN: Fear + survival = confidence.
AT: Be true to your self and your principles.
LD: That unfortunately, still in most men it seems that we are a weak kind when it comes to making selfish decisions.
PL: Us men don’t need a reason to justify ourselves, just be a man and be real!
TM: They taught me that what I think giving my best is … is not necessarily my best.
DP: All of the lessons!
MA: If I change what is right and wrong to make my wife happy, she will still leave!
IS: Take what you do for a living seriously, don’t take yourself seriously – Vincent Price
SR: I tell the truth to myself and about myself, then I do what I want because that’s what makes me strong and happy.
DH: To be a better man human being and spirit.
MG: Oh yeah the big one … don’t piss into the wind.
Keep learning. Keep growing. Keep sharing.