MDI Leadership to Replace “Collective Wisdom of the Men” Concept with Artificial Intelligence

Kent C. Strait 
Legacy Contributor

Citing a need to upgrade the level of wisdom in the men’s circles, Mentor Discover Inspire leadership will be implementing artificial intelligence (AI) systems.

According to Wikipedia, most AI-generated, “artificial intelligence” makes it possible for machines to learn from experience, adjust to new inputs and perform human-like tasks. No worries if this is above your head; that’s the whole idea.

“Implementing AI should help bolster some of the insightful ideas and concepts that make its way around our teams,” said MDI’s VP of Observations, noting that some of the advice from some of the men is pretty dumb.

As well, with the continued addition of years tacked onto MDI member ages, it has become apparent to international leadership that something had to be shifted around its term of endearment “wisdom of the men.”

“The wisdom was getting really shaky there with these old fogies,” said International Leader Carmen Geddit, an octogenarian himself who couldn’t recall any examples, or any names of any of his men.

Additionally, according to sources, some of the MDI men’s ideas were just silly, outdated or not from any sort of sanctioned MDI weekend experiential. Said a man on a production team, one member in the Continental Region even brought forth the concept that one of the “dimensions of man” was Patrick Mahomes.

“We all know that Tom Brady is more of an archetype to admire,” said Justin LaBarge, Legacy Magazine publisher and obvious New England local yahoo.

Other examples of odd “wisdom” found interspersed around the organization included:

  1. You can call your team a “team” even if you treat it like a “group” where members can clear to miss “just because I feel like it.”
  2. It is still possible to argue with girlfriends and wives and come out the victor. Don’t give up!
  3. Turns out quitting on your marriage is now a viable path and possibly best for the children. Never too late to play the “I want to show my kids a better example of love.” Kenny Loggins approved.

Because of a need to upgrade the level of wisdom, MDI will be implementing artificial intelligence in multiple arenas to help bolster the insightful ideas and to make division life easier. The benefits are many:

  1. Team Reports, Board of Director Minutes and MDI Magazines will write themselves.
  2. MDI President will appear at all team meetings in the form of a computer-generated hologram.
  3. No one will question authority due to the inability to source the information.
  4. Men can relax knowing they don’t need to know anything or fix anyone.
  5. Attempting to master the art of “bullshitting” in order to get ahead in life will be a thing of the past. As everything will be bullshit.

Other plans in the future include the addition of Apple Vision Pro goggles, which can support men in circling up with virtual men when a team is not in their physical area. Clearing to miss will also be available functionality within this technology.

In conclusion, MDI President Olaf Krop (or one of his assistant cyborgs) said, “I really believe we are paving the way for the future to touch more lives … even if those lives are fake.”

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