MDI International Introduces Google Workspace

Ian Kennard
MDI President

Denis Moreau
Vice President of Technology

Exciting News!

We wanted to let all of you know that we have been working very hard for the last seven months putting together a major change for all of our members to be able to communicate and collaborate more easily and more effectively with each other.

We are in the process of moving our communications and storage platforms to Google Workspace.

What does this mean for you as a man on a team?

  • Currently every team now has an email address to email all your members: yourteamname@mdimen.org  (with no spaces in the team name).

In the near future you will have the following:

  • Every team will have a Google drive to store your team files at drive.google.com . Click “Share Drives” to see what is available to you.
  • Every team will have a team chat. Chat.google.com
  • Every Division Core Team and Region Core Team now has their own drive to store their files.
  • Every Division and Region in MDI will each have a Calendar for members to see events, leadership meetings and team meetings on their respective calendar. calendar.google.com

This transition is taking place now and will open up many more possibilities for us as an organization. You will be receiving emails about when and how to connect to these resources. In order for you to have access, you need to click the add button to add it to your Google account. 

To access these MDI Resources, you will need to have a Google account and that email address will need to be the address that you have in your membership profile in MDI Connect.

  • If you have a Gmail email you already have a Google account. 
  • If you have another email address, you can create a Google account with that email address, and it will not affect your existing email. Please find instructions on our MDI Google Setup & Training page to help you do that.
  • If you need more help please submit a Support Request that is at the bottom of the Setup and Training page.

This transition will be a challenge, and we ask for your patience and help as we make this change. We are a volunteer-run organization, and we do not do this work full-time. We do believe the effort will be worth it in the end, and men can take as much time as they need to adopt the new system.

Learning these tools will also likely benefit you in the workforce as many companies are starting to use Google services. The infrastructure will be there when you are ready! 


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