MDI Friends & Family Golf Tournament For Fun

Back Row (L to R): Greg Carmichael, Mike Vumbacca, Steve Pass, Mike Bradford, Carl Messenger-Lehmann, Tony Pipia.  Front Row (L to R): Mark Frew, Bart Vance, Vito Servello
Tony Pipia
Contributor, MDI

On the last Saturday in September 2017, the MDI men along with their friends and family gathered at Woodington Lake Golf Club in Eastern Canada for the 2nd Annual MDI Golf Tournament. We had 14 players in total. That’s up from last year’s number of four (so we did alright). Six players were MDI Members, 2 were Alumni and 6 men were guests.

Carl Messenger-Lehman returned to defend his title and secured and shared the top position with Lino Lucciantonio, a guest of yours truly (no playoff holes were played… that’s just the way it is).

I figured if I couldn’t beat Carl, I might as well bring someone who could. I was unsuccessful in both endeavors. I came close, but this is not darts, so it’s back to the range for me. While successful at retaining the top spot, Carl was unsuccessful at keeping and safeguarding the treasured and sacred trophy. For those of you unaware, the treasured and sacred trophy was the unmistakable and apparently unkeepable (is that even a word?) Broken Laser Range Finder. How that got lost is beyond me.

L to R: Tony Pipia, Vito Servello, Lino Lucciantonio, Mark Frew, Steve Pass, Carl Messenger-Lehmann.


For his failings in this regard, Carl was charged with finding a suitable trophy replacement and he went all out. I suppose that he liked it so much that he wanted to have this trophy for himself for another year. Well the good news for Carl is that he only has to hold onto it for six months since he shared the top spot (hopefully he doesn’t lose it in that time).

All in all it was a great day for everyone. They all had fun and enjoyed themselves immensely. I know this because they told me so. I look forward to seeing them next year and perhaps a few more faces.

Prized and priceless Tartan Jacket replacement trophy that Carl secured. Don’t lose this one Carl!

Here are the final results.

NOTE: Julius Williams and Peter Coyne did not hand in their cards because they were truly the most honest golfers there.

Leader Board
T1 Carl Messenger-Lehman 84
T1 Lino Lucciantonio 84
2 Tony Pipia 87
3 Steve Pass 88
4 Paul 91
5 Bart Vance 93
6 Bradon Tayles 96
6 Mike Bradford 96
7 Mark Frew 99
8 Greg Carmichael 102
9 Mike Vumbacca 112
10 Vito Servello 115

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