MDI Annual Leadership Meeting Focuses on The Big Picture

The 2018 Annual MDI Leadership Meetings took place in January in Phoenix, Arizona. The meetings produced several initiatives that will be soon be addressed directly to MDI membership in an announcement by our new president, Geoff Tomlinson.

As part of that meeting, Board Secretary Dylan Stewart was able to film part of the second episode of The Big Picture.

The Big Picture is a short video published and sent directly to your inbox every other month. It will deliver information about all of the powerful and inspiring things the Board of Directors is doing to enhance, improve and support your MDI Men’s Team experience.

In this episode we talk with Jeff Lawrence (the chairman of the Board of Directors of MDI) about the Unique Core Values of MDI, what they really mean, and how to hold them.  We also hear from Geoff Tomlinson (the new President of MDI) about the results of 2017’s WIG (Wildly Important Goal) and an update on our membership numbers.  We also connect with David Plante about how to bring men’s teams out to other parts of the country.

We hope you enjoy learning what we’re up to and we look forward to your input, suggestions and feedback.

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