Legacy Discovery

The Purpose of Legacy Discovery is to connect you to your masculine identity through the wisdom of Men, and with that power put your Legacy into action.

In New England, Legacies Acknowledged, Legacies Established, Legacies Renewed

Justin LaBarge
New England Region

On Friday, November 4, 24 men arrived in Northwood, New Hampshire with 24 sets of thoughts, feelings and expectations. On Sunday November 6, 24 NEW MEN completed a life-changing event as one team, upholding each other, having pushed through lifelong barriers.

Some great results:

  • Men broke through barriers they never realized existed.
  • Men felt the freedom and lightness of release.
  • Every man discovered a purpose in life.
  • Each man pushed through his fear and uncertainty, to assume ownership of his life as a mature masculine king.
  • All participants completed.
  • All promises of Legacy Discovery were kept intact.

For myself, as the training team lead, I successfully:

  • Provided excellence and value in training my team.
  • Successfully found a future replacement to manage the training team.
  • Placed a tangible stake in the ground for a New England Legacy Discovery in September 2017.

In attendance was the unusual factor of five father and son relationships. Fathers  whom found the vulnerable depth to openly mourned where they felt personal failure with their sons, asking for forgiveness. Sons were forthright about their desire to seek their fathers’ approval, and expressing their desire to be like their Dad. Each one was a powerful breakthrough. Each a dawning for new self-awareness. Each further consecrating the bonds between the generations of men. A true discovery of legacy.

The training team was dedicated to a singular, selfless commitment to make a difference with the participants. Of course, we made mistakes. Three years is a long absence without a Legacy Discovery in New England.

After the event completed, we placed a stake in the ground for New England Legacy Discovery 2017, and by doing so, began to lay the groundwork for 2018. A training team is already in place. We concluded that to fully own the success of Legacy Discovery in New England each of us would sponsor a new man. If we succeed on our commitment, no one and no thing can stop us. We are deliberate on our decision.

Who owns Legacy Discovery in New England? We do.

Mid-Atlantic/New England – November 4-6 Lake Shore Farm Inn, Northwood, New Hampshire – 24 men
Eastern Canada – November 18-20 Canterbury Hills, Dundas, Ontario – 19 men

EASTERN CANADA REGION – Another powerful weekend that changed the lives of 19 men. Scott DeStephanis and Gord Carpenter led a powerful training team. Gerry Ruygrok and the kitchen team provided “food for the soul” all weekend. The entire Eastern Canada region supported the weekend in various ways. The power of the weekend was evident on Thursday, November 24 at the Regional Welcome Back meeting with 17 men joining the Pointe Program and sharing how their lives had already changed. Said DeStephanis, Lead Gel, “Men entered the Legacy Discovery and had their lives forever altered. They were strong, courageous and extremely vulnerable and went really deep within themselves. We are proud to have been part of their training and are thrilled to welcome them into our circle. Another fabulous Legacy Discovery for Eastern Canada!”

Southwest – San Diego, November 18-20 Schoepe Scout Reservation, Warner Springs, California – 33 men

SOUTHWEST REGION – On the weekend of November 18-20, 2016, the men of the Southwest Region produced another successful Legacy Discovery weekend with 33 participants and 18 men on the production team! Yet anther opportunity to “Cause Greatness” in the lives of men, their “families, careers and communities.”

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