Leading from the Back – Word From the Prez


As my time as President winds down, I am very excited by a couple of items.

When you read this we have just completed a Legacy Discovery in Raleigh/Durham North Carolina. Jason Campos Keck, an MDI member who now lives in that area, has recruited men and we will have an MDI team there as part of the Southeast region.

We are continuing to watch men enroll in the Bubba. If you’re kicking yourself for not going I feel for you. I can promise you the spirit of MDI and our mission will be part of the Bubba. So will incredible amazing awe inspiring fun. The men from Atlanta have really gone all out, and this event will be EPIC. Other events will be measured by the success of the Bubba.

Soon most divisions will be engaged in some community service event, be it a blood drive, Serenity House, Holiday event in Santa Cruz or the famous VA Event in Los Angeles. There are many more. 

Please send us a paragraph and some photos. MDI does tremendous community service. However it is time to chronicle this selfless service so our brothers in different geographical areas may see them, and we may publish them in the Legacy. Your magazine. 

     ~ Sandy Peisner, MDI President  <sandypeisner@gmail.com>

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