Leading From The Back – MDI Prez


I wanted to let you know what MDI is up to. On the October 24 weekend MDI is having “The Bubba” in Atlanta. We will have men celebrating, competing, and having the time of their life. Imagine 250 men from 17 states and two countries, all of which are role models working on making a difference.  They are all here to have an incredibly amazing and awesome time. Bonds will be made. Leaders will be created. Men will experience our organization as never before.

Though I won’t give away some secrets, I can say on Saturday night we will go on a deep spiritual journey. You will beat yourself up for not making this event. The men in Atlanta, namely Crossley, Rodriguez and Thurmond to name a few, are already working hard to make sure this is a KICK ASS event.

Thank you RC Ed Aponte and The Dog Soldiers for the work you’re doing to make sure this is “the event men never forget and are provided for. Registration link is HERE  https://www.mdi-events.com/event/bubba/

Other big news includes the MDI Membership site MDI Connections is up and running. Register here if you have yet to do so: LINK.   http://mdimen.com/

And finally, the process to find a new President has begun. If you want to nominate a man please send an e-mail to me HERE by July 31.   <sandypeisner@gmail.com>

~ Sandy Peisner, MDI President 

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