Leading from the Back – A Message from the Prez – December 2013

We just completed Thanksgiving, and I feel blessed, gratitude, thankful for the many men that have made huge differences in my life. Eleven years ago I could not be in the same room with my ex. Now, thanks to the men of MDI my ex and I can have dinner together. Thank you to my core team, our DC and RC and team leaders/captains for being there for our men. 

Many divisions give to their communities this time of year – with events such as the VA Event, Serenity House, Toys for Tots, Santa Cruz Woman’s Shelter Event, New England’s blood drive – and our men get things done! The men in MDI show up and make a difference. Thank you for being on my team. Thank you for showing up. Thank you for the lives you touch, the difference you make for children and families.

I hope in 2014 everyone climbs their mountaintop and attains their dreams. Part of mine is seeing our Legacy Discover Events in cities outside of already established MDI locales, so that we can touch more lives, become larger and positively impact outlaying communities.  I also want to have some rip-roaring crazy outrageous fun with my men, and I’m excited with what zany outrageous ideas will happen in 2014. See y’all soon.

            ~ Sandy Peisner, MDI President

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