It’s OK to be OK

“I have recently embarked on a career as a public speaker, hoping to bring the lessons I’ve learned, navigating the challenges of MS to others. My rationale is we all have disabilities. Mine have just chosen to manifest themselves physically. I invite you to step into my world because I believe I would not be where I am without so much of the heavy lifting I’ve done through men’s work.”

Howard Spierer

Michael Fowlkes
MDI Contributor

So Howard Spierer, I’ve known for a long time and through Mentor Discover Inspire (MDI); he and I were both MDI president at different times. And I’ve watched him over the years deal with multiple sclerosis (MS), as his mobility started to decline. However he always had a great positive attitude and endured all the hardships that his disability handed him. 

My dad had MS. I know what a debilitating ugly disease MS can be and what it can do to a person, as one gradually loses his or her mobility and freedom. 

Howard sent along a presentation podcast to a number of his friends who have supported him over the years. I loved his podcast. He was honest. He was brave. He was courageous. And he talked candidly about his experience, the thoughts, the emotions and the things he goes through on a daily basis. And his challenges. 

It was refreshing to hear his honesty about the challenges: the fears, not wanting to ask for help, as he dealt with the reality of losing his mobility.

It was refreshing to hear his podcast with the host who is a triple amputee and a palliative care doctor, BJ Miller. Howard connected with this host and did this show in order to give back and to provide insight to those who may not know what people go through with MS. They also did the podcast to provide support to people with MS so that they can know that they are not alone.

In the end it revealed the challenges and the mindsets that have helped Howard endure and excel. 

The Presentation

It’s OK to Be OK, Even if Everything is not Fine

HOWARD SPIERER is a former MDI President living in Milford, New Jersey. He was diagnosed with MS in 1997. His website is https://www.howard-spierer.com

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