It Starts With The Boy

Warren Farrell
Guest Contributor

Editor’s Note: Over the past decade, our boys have been struggling. All the major signs indicate this trend – poor grades, addictions, low performance, suicides, and on… This reveals the possibility that the scars start early in life. The Legacy is pleased to have a contribution from internationally acclaimed men’s movement pioneer Warren Farrell, the best-selling co-author of “The Boy Crisis.”

The links below will call your attention to a global boy crisis, its primary cause, and the most important solution.

Globally, the boy crisis resides where dads do not reside. In the U.S. alone, dad-deprivation is the primary cause of boys experiencing a . . .

  • Crisis of Education. Boys are now only half as likely as girls to graduate from college. (Think of the implications for your daughter’s selection of a husband; for U.S. national security…)
  • Crisis of Mental Health. Boys in their twenties are five times as likely as girls to commit suicide. Dad-deprivation is the biggest predictor of suicide. Dad-deprived boys account for about 85% of mass shooters, prisoners, and the male ISIS recruits.
  • Crisis of Physical Health. Boys’ obesity is increasing; male life expectancy is decreasing – for three consecutive years. 
  • Crisis of Social Health and Emotional Intelligence. Dad-deprivation is twice as likely to lead to ADHD, as well as to bullying; and addiction to video games, porn, and to a lack of empathy….
  • Crisis of Economic Success. Dad-deprived boys are much more likely to dropout of high school, resulting in these boys’ unemployment rate exceeding 20% in their early 20’s. 

In a world in which “The Future is Female;” in which there is a #MeToo monologue but no #MeToo dialogue; in which talking about the importance of dads is seen as critiquing single moms rather than supporting single moms and saving our children, it poses a significant risk to speak up for children becoming dad-enriched. Thus you will find in these links a huge number of findings and perspectives you will not find in the mainstream media. 


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