Introducing the Legacy Magazine 2021 MDI Man of the Year

The Mission of MDI – To cause greatness by mentoring men to live with excellence and as mature masculine leaders, create successful families, careers and communities.

Every year since 2014, the Legacy Magazine has crowned an “MDI Man of the Year.” It has been bestowed on that man who has done the most to live the mission and core values of MDI, as well as promote the organization in some public way, showing up as an example for successful families, careers and communities.

In years past we acknowledged these men:
• 2014 – Ashanti Branch – Western Region
• 2015 – Jeff Lawrence – Western Canada Region
• 2016 – Brian Mumford – New England Region
• 2017 – Ian Kennard – Eastern Canada
• 2018 – Eric Mortimer – Canada
• 2019 – “The Man We Lost”
• 2020 – David Smith – Canada

The year 2021 saw the success of many men, even during a time of great upheaval on a global scale. Many teams were meeting remotely on Zoom throughout the year. Even with the challenges, MDI continued on and even grew because of a program – the International Expansion Initiative program – which used social media to attract and integrate men into the circle. Though every MDI man’s contribution helps create success within our MDI circles, three men have been named as honorable mentions for their major influence and impact. (See links on the magazine’s home page).  

For now, the choice was made through the Legacy Magazine editorial staff and International Leadership to focus the year 2021 on the one man who remains forever consistent: from the inception of our Mission Statement, through future generations. He will be here as long as there are men who long to live from their power, in a mature and masculine way, supporting successful families, careers and communities. 

The Winner of the 2021 Legacy Magazine Man of the Year: 

The Mature Masculine Man 

He lives everywhere that honor lives. He is part of MDI’s mission statement. He is everything the circle stands for. He shows up mature, and then falters, but then gets back up again in the process of holding the qualities of masculinity and maturity. He is your teammate, your brother. He is the man you support on his path towards the source of his power. He is you.

In 2021, he made his mark through the development of a list of 20 mature masculine qualities embraced all across the organization. 

Developed through input from a core team in the San Diego Men’s Division in 2020, this list will exist in a living document which can be updated over time. Can 20 qualities constitute all the attributes of the mature masculine man? Most likely not. However this benchmark is a good starting point and has been created for the sake of exploration and conversation.

20 Mature Masculine Qualities

  1. I am a self-sufficient man.    
  2. I hold a “no problem” attitude.    
  3. I am clear on my terms, my personal standards and my commitments.    
  4. I keep my word – holding integrity high.    
  5. I am responsible and accountable, taking ownership of my life, with no need for excuses. 
  6. I call men out and hold them accountable to their word and their best.  
  7. I am open to feedback / criticism / coaching; I do not complain, pout or get defensive when challenged.   
  8. I clean up any of my broken words or commitments with those I have impacted, without having to be asked.   
  9. I do not carry grudges or “lists” – and I clear with men swiftly and directly. 
  10. I am confident.   
  11. I give my best even when I can get by with less. 
  12. I am decisive, taking action. 
  13. I am impeccable, precise and thorough. 
  14. I am humble.
  15. I ask for help. 
  16. I show and express care. 
  17. I broaden my context, serving others selflessly – expanding from “what I can get” to include “what I can contribute.”
  18. I am conscious of how I affect the people around me.
  19. I bring other men up and support them to win.
  20. I am respected by men, a leader who is followed.  

Presently the list is being developed into an experiential workshop called “Mature Masculine Leadership” and will include:

  1. The List of 20 Mature Masculine Qualities
  2. A Related Quote for Each Quality
  3. Contextual Content / Detailed Descriptions
  4. Rituals / Exercises 
  5. A Related Question
  6. A Closing Context 

At present, any MDI man can have access to a document that includes the exercises related to each quality. Feedback is requested if an exercise is used, so that this living document can be truly owned by the men. The vision is to create the most impeccable of artifacts to be embraced into the future … wherever and whenever there is a need for a man to show up mature and masculine … at his best. 

Anyone interested in receiving this document can send an email to Legacy Magazine Editor Jim Ellis at:

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    1. We figured it was pretty well explained in the story. Answer: The Mature Masculine Man. It’s a reference from our Mission Statement: “To cause greatness by mentoring men to live with excellence and as mature masculine leaders, create successful families, careers and communities.”

  1. Dennis Speer of Legacy Division, WER was voted man of the year by Legacy Magazine, why isn’t that posted with past honorees?

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