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Philip Bridges
MDI Contributor


I have been an MDI member since 2011 after my life literally went up in flames, and I attribute this organization for saving my bacon and making me the man that I am today.

What I have realized over the past decade is that I was not who I needed or wanted to be, and I have relied on the men in MDI for their guidance, much of which comes from firsthand personal experience. Being the best men that we can be for this world takes additional homework outside of our meetings, and that includes wisdom from the printed word of those with a solid understanding of what it takes to create life-changing growth.

A few years ago, I started to get curious about what other resources I could utilize to continue that growth, and realized that we all could benefit from a compilation of resources that made profound differences in the lives of other men in the organization. So, I started asking men for their input, with the drive to develop a method of collecting and documenting their stories.

To this end, I launched an initiative to catalogue impactful books and other resources that the men have felt changed their lives, something that I felt would be of great value to the organization. I’m returning to it after an awakening that I’m experiencing in my life right now, and going full-steam ahead after some discussions with MDI President Ian Kennard and others. 

If you have a book, article, webcast, podcast, YouTube video, TikTok clip or even an Instagram post that you feel was a game-changer for you, please share it. I recently created an online Google doc form which is very easy to use in order to capture those resources as well as the impact that they had on your life. You are encouraged to tap into this list along your journey and also find and connect with others who have experienced similar changes in their lives, building greater bonds with men from all over as we continue to cause greatness and live powerfully.

The goal is to make the archive accessible to all men on the MDI website and beyond, as well as sharing a few reviews in a monthly format. Upcoming MDI communication will feature your stories, so please be as detailed as possible and know that this may be the difference that a man needs to be the best man he can be. 

MDI Growth Resource Database – Entry Form

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