Ian Kennard – Legacy Magazine’s MDI Man of the Year

The criteria was clear:

The Legacy Magazine MDI Man of the Year is the man who has truly exemplified the spirit of MDI’s core values and principles, showing up as an example for successful families, careers, and communities, while helping put MDI on the map for its highest impact.

From this, 12 men’s names were nominated over the month of December:

  1. David Plante – New England
  2. Matt Lyons – Western
  3. Jeff McDonough – New England
  4. Stan Snow – New England
  5. John Roloff  – Mid-Atlantic
  6. Francisco Aldana – Southwest
  7. Olaf Krop – Western
  8. Frank DeCarlo – Mid-Atlantic
  9. Randy Listman – Western (Posthumous)
  10. Jim Ellis – Southwest
  11. Ian Kennard – Canadian
  12. Eric Mortimier – Canadian

Top three candidates were identified through the collective Media Team, after which a former Board of Directors’ member chose the top man from information gathered on each finalist.


The winner of the 2017 Legacy Magazine Man of the Year is Ian Kennard of the Canadian Region.

Brent Nacu nominated Kennard, noting his many accomplishments.

Kennard completed as Canadian Regional Coordinator after two years and 10 months of service, which was preceded by two years as the founder of the Western Front Division.

Under Kennard’s leadership, Canadian Region expanded from one Division in 2013 to three Divisions, and went from 95 members to 180. As “putting MDI on the map” is an important aspect of the Legacy Magazine’s vision and criteria for nominations, Kennard’s personal enrollment of 10 men into the Legacy Discovery helped in the decision-making process.

In his personal life in 2017, Kennard sold his successful restaurant to become a private caterer and college professor, taking a stand to take care of himself physically.

As Nacu stated, “He leads from the front without ever asking for credit. No better 2017 man of the year than this.”

Said Geoff Tomlinson, MDI President, “I have known Ian Kennard for many years. He is simply one of the finest men, and leaders, that I have ever met. Ian’s commitment to MDI and our mission statement is unquestioned by the men he leads and anyone that knows him. He, along with his long time partner in this work, created their own team in his city and now we have a presence in London, Ontario. Legacy could simply not have chosen a better man for this award. As I read what I have written, I realize that words cannot properly express how much I love and respect this man.”

Said Jim Ellis, editor of the Legacy Magazine, “Each year since 2014, we’ve selected a man who has represented the success MDI embraces, and has promoted MDI out into the community and world. This criteria matches what the magazine is all about. I know Kennard as a man who never gives up the opportunity to have the MDI mission statement read at each event. A great example of an MDI man in action and on purpose.”

Previous winners of the Legacy Magazine’s Man of the Year:

  • 2014 – Ashanti Branch – Western Region
  • 2015 – Jeff Lawrence – Western Canada Region
  • 2016 – Brian Mumford – New England Region

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