Funny How Money Shows Up Sometimes

James Anthony Ellis
Legacy Magazine Editor

Money – that mysterious, magical experiment in manifestation – is just funny that way. Yes, what a ride!

You know what I mean? Money has this way of showing up in the most fascinating ways.

On two occasions in my life, I was shown clearly how money flows in this odd way: unexpectedly, after I have surrendered to reaching for a dream, and after I have let go of a need for return.

Not that money always arrives this way, but It has happened two very distinct times. There I am a project manager without a project. A videographer without a video to produce. A camera operator without anything to focus on. A man with a lot of drive, but without a direction. And then a decision was made, actions were taken and a video documentary was created. With a grand total of no money coming in.

What? That sounds like a waste of time and energy. Where is the value in that?

The first instance came in 2010 with a project supporting the ending of child sex trafficking. I linked up with a non-profit organization – The ACTION Network – to produce a documentary outlining the ways in which children are tricked into a life of prostitution. Yes, it happens, and it is heinous and wicked and gruesome. Since I want my work to be about awakening society to the hidden ills that need our attention, I was willing to film and edit the educational film “Indoctrinated” for a base fee of zero dollars.

In due time, since the film got positive attention from a caring community, the San Diego County Office Of Education requested to purchase the rights to it so it could be shown throughout the school districts, covering a topic they heretofore would not address. That money came in just in time to cover some very pressing bills, as well as cover my house … in the form of an urgently needed new roof.

What a ride.

The other film project, in 2018, was one that I had to come up with myself, given no one else was presenting an opportunity. With an open mind and a completely free schedule, I spoke with a friend who was formerly an officer in the police force. He suggested creating a film regarding officer wellness, addressing the post traumatic stress some may experience while on duty. What came from an “OK, good idea” and the tossing of a pebble into the pond, came the rippling effect of a value-added educational film called “Keeping the Peace.”

For this project, I just jumped into action, putting the word out there to every local police department in San Diego County, followed by one year of pretty much being ignored. I don’t blame them. They didn’t know who I was or my true intentions. But I didn’t give up and was given a few breadcrumbs along the way to continue the process. Result: a premiere at the Kroc Institute for Peace and Justice Hall at the University of San Diego, packed with sergeants, lieutenants and chiefs of police. As well as interest from police departments in over 35 US States, and New Zealand and Canada.

As well as a total income of zero dollars.

In due time, the film led to four Peace Officer Standards & Training (POST) grants that allowed me the funds to work steadily for three years, including through those years that much of the nation shut down its operation.

Both times I followed an intuitive hunch, a dream, and a drive to help out those who may be hurting. Both times I held no attachment to a wage or a fee. Both times I was open to being used up by whatever runs this nutty Universe in order to serve others in some positive way.

And so now what? What is the latest? Well sure there are documentaries and videos in various stages of production. Plus there is also a book I just published, “Breadcrumbs, Vol. 2: Poems & Prose Found Along the Sacred Path,” a collection of 108 pieces of poetry gathered over a decade with the purpose once again to serve an audience in some uplifting way.

Where will it lead? Will any money come from it? Who knows? I don’t.

I never really have.

But perhaps with this magical, mysterious experiment of manifestation, I am not supposed to know.

Just keep creating, keep letting go and keep enjoying the ride.

James Anthony Ellis is a writer, poet, and producer whose newest book Breadcrumbs Vol. 2: Poems & Prose Found Along The Sacred Path can be purchased HERE: https://tinyurl.com/breadcrumbs2

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  1. That intuitive hunch, dream, and drive is the key that ultimately unlocks the door. Whether we step across the threshold with courage is ultimately up to us. We can stay camped out at the crossroad, content in the safety of what we know, or we can move forward in pursuit of what we may consider crazy dreams that add up to a life.

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