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Well, here we go once again. A bunch of dudes, with a handful of memories, insights and wisdom, revealing something around our theme, in a monthly installment of checking in with the men. This time, it’s light hearted. We asked the men on social media and elsewhere: “What makes you laugh, and is there a time you laughed with your circle of men … or gang of buddies growing up?” The results:

David Wainwright

In college at the fraternity house, I bet $5 to a brother I could piss in his pocket without laughing. We were all set when we both started laughing so hard we were crying. The deed was never consummated, but the event was unforgettable.

Fred Boyles

Well there was the time my new team leader took us up to Big Bear Indian Reservation. He led us to a clifftop, and had us jump into a creek, yelling “trusting the men” … naked. It was a 30’ drop into a creek, which had some rocks and broken beer bottles. On the way down I remember thinking “Oh shit!!!” This new team leader must have been on medication. Ian was in the air behind screaming, “Fuck you Boyles,” He meant it with his whole heart.

Bob Walker

Bugs Bunny cartoons…. especially the ones with Yosemite Sam.

Brian Childers

I have laughed at plenty of things, many caught on YouTube:

Squirrel Launcher


Gone with the Wind Dress Spoof


Tim Conway as The Dentist from The Carol Burnett Show


The Aristocrats Movie (Make sure you have time)


Ted Exstein

Dan Ackroyd as Julia Child


Tom McCarter

The time my whole team went to see the play “Defending the Caveman.” A bunch of goofballs laughing at their likeness.

Steve Arnold


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