Former DC and RC Ponders All of Our Greatness

Abe Moore 
Guest Contributor

Abe Moore, former division coordinator and regional coordinator of the Southwest Region, takes things at face value. When prompted to write on the topic of “greatness,” with three questions to stimulate a conversation, Moore chose to do the simple thing: simply answer the questions.

1. What does it mean to “cause greatness?”

Causing greatness comes about when there is a need to step into almost any situation and fill a void where ownership, responsibility and accountability are required with confidence and conviction regardless of the risk of failure. It comes when walking, and even crawling, up to the edge of fear and facing the unknown, a willingness to feel vulnerable and show it with strength and courage. The ability to accept having made mistakes and acknowledging that in front of others with humility. Believing in one’s ability to care, love, teach and learn and to connect others with the amazing gifts we have been given in life. 

2. Who caused you to be great? or Who “caused greatness” in you?

  • First and foremost, there is my wife of 33 years, Yvette, who since I was 15 has seen me as the man I always wanted to be. She sees it even if I cannot, and she continues to believe and tell me the best of my greatness is yet to come!
  • The first man to teach me what it means to be a man, is a great man that I love: Todd Stauder!
  • My eldest sister Suzy for telling me since I was a little boy that I was put on Earth to cause greatness and be a leader.
  • Every Man that has fathered me, most specifically MDI men! Thank You Dads!
  • Every woman who has loved me.
  • My children, family and friends, and every boss who has poked, prodded, tested and challenged me.

3. How do YOU “cause greatness” in your world?

I cause greatness by being an example, by putting in the work and trusting the process with the purpose of learning who I am and what I am made of. 

  • To be pressed up against my own limitations over and over again, falling down and getting back up!
  • To learn to sacrifice my ego through consistently making commitments that may challenge me.
  • To accept myself and others, to be quiet in listening to what is said, observing with an open heart and the learning to have the restraint to endure criticism without resentment.

When there is a need I will step into almost any situation when no one else will. I believe in my ability to connect others with the importance of an intentional way of being. This is how I can cause greatness in my world.

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