Fear’s Lonely Lie

Dylan Stewart 

The fear sinks in

It grabs you

Pulls you

Whispers in your ear

The fear that has always been there

Sitting idly by

Waiting for the right moment

Nibbling in your subconscious

Plotting and planning

You know how bad things are

By how loud it gets

How much it talks to you

How viciously it wields it’s weapon

Fear is the root

Fear is the wound

Fear is the string that controls us

We jump

We run

We bark like a dog

When fear is yapping at us

We shrink back

And answer

Like it holds the truth

Like it holds power over us

Like it knows us

Better than we know ourselves

Because it does

It has always been there

From the first time you stubbed your toe

From the first time you were left alone

From the first time you were rejected

It sung out

Like a falsetto prophet

Eager to convince you

Of your failings

Your weaknesses

Your flaws

Fear gets under your skin

Under your heart

Under your head

And wreaks havoc

Because it can

Because it knows you are afraid

Because it knows you believe

That it is the truth

But somewhere inside

Somewhere forgotten and lost

Somewhere in shackles

Your soul knows better

Your faith knows better

You know better

Too long it has held sway

Over your every move

Too long it has tightened the bonds

That have held you hard and fast

To your perceived limitations

Too long it has had its way with you

Telling you who you are

What you can do

And why you will fail

But the wicked secret

Is that fear is afraid

Fear is scared

Fear is small and alone

And it knows it

Fear is a weak and pathetic tyrant

Screaming and demanding

Your attention

Your subservience

Your greatness

As some payment to hold from you

In its tiny coiffures

But once you know the secret

Once you hold your power

Once you step from the bonds of slavery

From the shadows of your reactivity

From the doubt of your greatest self

Fear has no power

Because it never had any

Except what you gave it

And the time is yours to redefine


To re-examine


To stand on your own two feet

And realize what you are

Who you are

Why you are

And step back into your seat of honor

And own your future once more

And remember

Remember that above all else

You are pure potential

With an unwritten future

And a legacy of light and possibility

Now kick off your chains

And remember who you always were

And become that again

For the first time

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