Farewell MDI New Member Quitters – April 2024

Stan Dupp
Legacy Contributor

Each time another man leaves our circle, there can exist one more man we no longer have to call back.

This sacred space is dedicated to out all the men who never grasped the “Be Faithful To the Men” tenet of the Code of Honor.

According to the National Association of Quitters, men who depart the circle can be placed into 5 main categories:

  1. AWOL MAN – This man goes missing without a trace, absent without leave, and just disappears without a word. Getting a return call would take an act of God.
  2. BOOSTER ROCKET – A man so full of piss and vinegar he scales to heights of leadership within seconds of joining, only to lose energy and commitment, so much so he burns out and splits. His remains are often found in the ocean next to the fuselage.
  3. THE FINGER – A man who either gives the finger to the organization or points the finger at the organization. Either way blame would be a motivating factor.
  4. GONE ROGUE – A man who knows he can find a better organization or simply start his own. He is often also interested in reviewing the wheel.
  5. HONORABLE DISCHARGE – Many a man who simply moves on. Miss you man! See you at the next Super Bowl Party.

Good luck one and all!

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