Insight For The Modern Man

Simon Williams
Contributing Writer

Dear Harvey Weinstein,

You don’t know me mate, and that is probably a good thing for you, because you just made my life and the lives of millions of fathers like me that much more difficult. Your actions of abusing women and abusing your position of power in the Entertainment industry is now going to be twisted to be perceived as the gold standard for masculinity.

Every time a man must go to divorce court and fight for the right to be with his children and maintain some financial stability in his life, the notion that all men exist to just want to act the same way that you have will be lurking under the surface.

Emma Thompson, you don’t know me either and that is lucky for you as well, because you have already trotted out that Harvey’s actions are an example of extreme masculinity. On what planet do you live on lady?

Do you know what extreme masculinity is?

  • It is a father spending years fighting to have the right to spend time with his children after a divorce so that he can be involved with them growing up to be secure, confident individuals.
  • It is a firefighter standing on the front line of the fires in California for 18 hours to save the house of someone he will never know.
  • It is a young marine throwing himself on a grenade to save the lives of others in his troop.
  • It is a man quietly, dedicating his life to work hard to provide food, shelter and safety for his wife and his family and then has to read an online article about how his contributions to the world are so meaningless that many women are up in arms that one woman still makes her husband sandwiches for lunch.

But he still diligently goes to work the next day to provide for a wife that may hold him in such low opinion.

Underdeveloped frat boys who have never had a girlfriend think that being a man is sleeping with a lot of women. Stop hanging around with immature idiots is my advice.

And you throw out that BS to paint every man as wanting to aspire to be Harvey Weinstein so that the institutions of society can be more biased against men. I’ll tell you what extreme masculinity thinks of Harvey Weinstein, he is a fat f#ck who was more than happy to leverage some women’s willingness to engage in extreme femininity to further their career, sleeping their way to the top rather than earning it.

My Dad is an example of extreme masculinity, the man that I spend my life trying to emulate and who hopes my own son will do the same, do you have the balls to meet such a man? Or are you happy to continue to mouth off about what you think extreme masculinity is, because you choose to work in a profession based on narcissism and vanity?

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