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Marc Prestera  
MDI Contributor
He’s got the moves; courting future wife at MDI Convention October 2012.
Enrollment success.

Enrollment is present in every aspect of my life, everyday.  

It is required in my professional life as a leader of the companies I own and run. Enrollment is present, and absolutely required to keep staff/teams/personnel/agents/brokers/vendors all “enrolled” in a vision that they may, or may not, have been a part in creating. And it routinely requires them to carry the message/skill forward to others.

Enrollment has no boundaries! It is also required in my personal life with my wife in even our common daily interactions. It is required with my son, daughter-in-law, granddaughter and the rest of my family.

In the times of today, sometimes that enrollment may not be to have others see it “my” way, rather simply to be in relationship when we don’t see “eye to eye.”

Enrollment is a part of everyday life and survival.

There are so many lessons I’ve learned around enrollment as I have observed it over my life.

One of the major lessons is that relationship must be present in order to enroll another into my vision. Without “relationship” enrollment is still available, it may just not be into the vision I hold. What’ needed before anyone can be enrolled into anything is commitment, care, selflessness and that relationship, something that binds you together in purpose.

For us men, we can have enrollment benefit us on so many levels!

Better than the Chargers!
  • Enrollment can support our own personal causes/desires.
  • Enrollment can be used to gain support for projects, desires, events that are bigger than the one doing the enrollment.  
  • Enrollment can create the environment for exponential synergistic movement in the world!  

One man can lift a tire, many men enrolled can lift a truck! 

Power through numbers, not just physically, but mentally, psychologically, emotionally

In any cause … here is an opportunity to be bigger than one self and serve a greater good!

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