Edwin Lau, 2022 Legacy Magazine MDI Man of the Year – Honorable Mention

Edwin Lau joined in the spring of this year shortly before attending Legacy Discovery weekend in Alberta. Since then he has taken on several leadership roles within the team, always offering help to his men, taking on the role of captain and organizing for the time period he is away for the Point Program so that his absence isn’t felt.

He has volunteered and showed leadership in several divisional events, including organizing the paintball event for a divisional meeting, joining the kitchen staff for LD weekend, and being present in the WhatsApp group for North Beacon/ Northern Quad even as he is fully attending the Point Program meetings.

On top of doing all these, he has been running a new electricians business, resolved issues at home and gotten closer with his nieces.

I believe that Lau has been an exemplary case for what MDI stands for, teaches and represents, and he deserves the recognition for everything he has given back to the organization with less than a year of membership.

~ Juan Lopez

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