Embracing the Journey

A Romantic Breakup Happened FOR Me, Not TO Me

Greg Powell
Columnist, Legacy

If anyone has been following along with this column you will recall that in a previous month I wrote about getting over my heartbreak in a more physical sense, “NEXT”!  The harder one to deal with was the realization that things, ALL things in life, including breakups happen FOR me and not TO me.

I am the witness to my feelings and not my feelings. There is a lesson to learn after each experience and nothing they decide to do or choose to think is really about me; it’s about them or life itself. 

Romantic breakups can be some of the most emotionally challenging experiences we encounter in life. The end of a cherished relationship often leaves us feeling lost, hurt, and questioning our self-worth. However, amidst the pain and confusion, there is an empowering perspective that can help us heal and grow. By recognizing that a romantic breakup happened FOR us, not to us, we can navigate the aftermath with resilience, self-reflection, and newfound strength.

Shifting Perspectives: When a relationship comes to an end, it’s natural to feel victimized, as though the breakup is something happening to us, an external force we have no control over. However, by shifting our perspective, we can reframe the situation as an opportunity for personal growth and self-discovery. Accepting that the breakup happened FOR us means acknowledging that it holds valuable lessons and opens doors to new possibilities. … And besides, she wasn’t the right one for you anyway, and you really hated the way she held her fork, you would think that by 45 years old one would know how to cut a steak…

Self-Reflection and Personal Growth: She ended it FOR her, she needed to move on, it was not about you not being good enough, tall enough or wealthy enough; it was about her and her needs and journey through life. Breakups provide an invaluable opportunity for self-reflection. Taking time to introspect and understand our own role in the relationship’s dynamics allows us to identify areas for personal growth. We can evaluate our needs, desires, and boundaries, gaining a deeper understanding of ourselves. This introspection sets the foundation for personal growth and paves the way for healthier relationships in the future.
… And that woman at the bank who keeps smiling at you already knows how wealthy you are, I bet she’s just waiting for you to ask her out… 

Rediscovering Independence:  Sure sex is great, but there is nothing quite like coming home and finding things exactly where you left them, or leaving the toilet seat in whatever position you want, like really look before you sit, it’s not hard. After being deeply intertwined with another person, a breakup can initially leave us feeling adrift. However, by embracing the idea that the breakup happened FOR us, we can embrace the newfound independence that comes with it. It’s an opportunity to reconnect with ourselves, rekindle neglected passions, and rediscover the joys of solitude. Learning to be content on our own enhances our self-confidence and sets the stage for healthy relationships.

Identifying Red Flags and Patterns: See them now!! All the red flags that you ignored – see them!! Breakups often reveal patterns and red flags that were previously hidden or ignored (be honest – ignored most likely). Recognizing these patterns allows us to avoid repeating unhealthy relationship dynamics in the future, knowing when to walk away. By understanding what went wrong and acknowledging our own contributions, we can make more informed decisions about the kind of relationships we want to pursue and the behaviors we want to avoid … and when to RUN, not walk away.

Cultivating Resilience: The aftermath of a breakup can be emotionally challenging, but it also provides an opportunity to cultivate resilience. By viewing the breakup as something that happened FOR us, we shift our focus from the pain to our own inner strength. Through resilience, we can heal and bounce back stronger than before. It’s an opportunity to develop coping mechanisms, build a support system, and learn to embrace change as a catalyst for personal growth. And resilience is sexy!!

A romantic breakup is undoubtedly a painful experience, but it’s crucial to remember that it happened FOR us, not to us. By embracing this empowering perspective, we can extract valuable lessons, embark on a journey of self-reflection and personal growth, and cultivate resilience. The end of a relationship does not define us; rather, it serves as a stepping stone towards a more fulfilling and authentic life.

Let us embrace the opportunity for growth and emerge from the experience with a renewed sense of self and an unwavering belief in the boundless possibilities that lie ahead. And always remember – you are the trophy fish!

But now the big question – Do you creep her on Facebook or not? Maybe she has posted pictures with her new guy; maybe she’s taking that amazing vacation you both talked about. Personally, I could only avoid the temptation for so long and creeped her after about five months. She put on 20 pounds and got a rather unflattering haircut – guess I dodged a bullet. 

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  1. It is easy to get lost in self blame when you feel that you were in the right place with the right person. It takes changing your mindset to move past what feels like a loss. Being without that person who does not appreciate you is a win in itself, although it takes time to see that. Thank you for that reminder.

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