Distilled Male Wisdom

Steve Jones
Southeast Region

Having done his Men’s Weekend in December 1989, Steve Jones of Dog Soldiers in the Southeast Region has collected his list of “Distilled Male Wisdom” over the years. Here are the first 10 on the list of over 100.

  1. If you never start a vice, you will never have to stop.
  2. Doubt those you must, but never yourself.
  3. You can do anything you want if you want to bad enough.
  4. Starting a new learning or skill is no fun, however if you stick with it, later it becomes fun.
  5. Live your life like it is your last day here on earth, and one day it will be.
  6. Remember the yes’s and forget the no’s. Then try to learn something from both experiences.
  7. Make sure your self-talk is always positive and uplifting in nature.
  8. If you have to bet on someone, bet on yourself because you can control yourself and you cannot control the other man.
  9. When you meet someone new, give him the benefit of the doubt and think the man is OK.
  10. You know you got there when you love someone more than yourself.
  11. Remember the man who dug the well. He knew the people needed water. Not knowing where to dig, he went forward with the understanding there was a job to do, wanting only to serve.


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