DAD – I Remember …

Editor’s Note: As part of the Father’s Day series of articles, pictures and videos, Mr. Stewart of the Southwest Region of Mentor Discover Inspire, offers his memories of his father.

Dylan Stewart



I remember sitting under his desk. A box of crayons and as much paper as I could use. He would be sitting above, making that beautiful music with his typewriter.  That clack, clack, clack cha-ching sound that those old machines used to make. 

I remember Summers in Hawaii, playing in the waves. Playing on the beach. Playing backgammon and chess. Endless hours in the sun, in each others company. 

I remember vacations to Vegas. Him and I against the world. I was too young to gamble but did it anyways. And together we laughed and shared and bonded. 

I remember a story we told together once. Long days and long nights as we created together. Built a world and filled it with our own ideas and imagination. 

I remember many moments like that, where my father… my mentor and friend, showed me what it was like to be a man. Treated me like an equal. Gave me the gift of his time and live. 

I am lucky. Some men never know their father. Never know the good side. Never understand how much it can mean. It makes me sad to think of those men, and the anger and loss at not having that. But I am lucky. I had it and still have it. 

Over this time, my father has become my greatest cheerleader, my confidant, my friend and my student. I have become indebted forever to the man who showed me what it all could look like. 

I hope I can live up to half of it. 

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