Christopher and San Diego Focuses on Defining the Mature Masculine Leader

As the new Division Coordinator of the San Diego Men’s Division, Chris Christopher is spending a considerable amount of time and energy focusing his men on the “mature masculine leader” aspect of the mission statement of Mentor Discover Inspire.


“Because it is the missing link,” he said. “We occasionally cause greatness; we mentor regularly; we have some success at men building successful families, careers and communities, but we assume ‘and as mature masculine leaders.’ I don’t believe that can be left to an assumption.”

Christopher has requested his entire core team to contribute their own definitions of the term, asking for attributes that constitute a mature masculine leader. Having spent five years on the MDI Board focused on the subject, he is even dedicating a central part of his first division meeting here.

He said, “If we create mature masculine leaders all the other stuff happens automatically. That is what mature masculine leaders would do anyway.”

To kick-start his men, Christopher came up with his own “Attributes of a mature masculine man.” They are listed below.

  1. A man who has mastered fatherhood for both sons and daughters if a father
  2. A man other men look to for guidance and advice
  3. A man that other men follow because they choose to, not because they have to
  4. A man who can stay calm in any storm
  5. A man who lives his six tasks in relationships with women
  6. A man who respects women
  7. A man who lives the code of honor impeccably
  8. A man who lives his terms
  9. A man that gives back to other men on their way up and to his peers
  10. A man that gives back to his community and the world
  11. A man with a strong faith or belief system
  12. A man who keeps his word
  13. A successful self-sufficient man
  14. A man that has completed with his father
  15. A man that can have fun
  16. A man that has mastered being three-dimensional
  17. A man that has been battle tested
  18. A man that has known pain
  19. A man that has made big commitments and kept them
  20. A man that can make problems no problem
  21. A man that has lost
  22. A man that has won
  23. A man that can and will tell the truth to other men
  24. A man that has strong courage and uses it
  25. A man that knows right from wrong and does the right thing even when he doesn’t have to…

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