Are You Mature? Are You Masculine? Take The Quiz!

James Anthony Ellis 
Editor, Legacy Magazine

Finally, we can figure it out. If you have wondered if you indeed were part of the inner circle, at the elitist level, among the highest rankings of men considered “mature masculine leaders,” well look no further. Take the quiz and find out!

Below you will have 10 situations in which men can find themselves. Pick the answer that best suits the scenario.

1. SITUATION – You find yourself at a party attended by two women you are presently dating. They don’t don’t know each other. You choose to:

A. Tell them about each other, and introduce them in a calm manner.

B. Not say anything and be cool, aloof.

C. Feign a heart attack and later explain the situation to the ambulance driver.

D. Threesome.

2. SITUATION – You are showing up “late” for a meeting – either with your circle of men or another type of meeting. Your thoughts are:

A. “What sort of excuse would make the most sense about why I am running late?”

B. “Oh no, I’m in trouble.”

C. “I’m letting these people down on a very real level, and I will consider a way to make up for it.”

D. “I’ll say I just got out of a threesome.”

3. SITUATION – You are dissatisfied with some aspect of your men’s team, your family, your coworkers, or any circle you find yourself. You decide to:

A. Play the victim saying you have nothing to do with the results of the team or collective.

B. Quit, pointing fingers at those around you, blaming them for your troubles, listing off the reasons that brought your dissatisfaction.

C. Make it so unbearable for the rest of the collective that they want to leave … so you can relax in the knowing they were the quitters.

D. Step up and enroll the collective in some form of solution that would serve everyone.

4. SITUATION – You are being enticed into engaging with a female over some age-old fight. You choose to:

A. Debate and bicker and fight using a full dose of logic, rationality and common sense, knowing it is the honorable and righteous path.

B. Await for the time where you will be honored with a King’s Crown since you are the victor in this battle of wits.

C. Move not, and – simply and calmly – listen, offering no solutions … unless asked. And then choose again to offer no solutions.

D. Go change a car tire, even if it doesn’t need it.

5. SITUATION – You are called out by your circle of men after you break a standard or your word. You choose to:

A. Defend a very important need to be right in this situation.

B. Consider excuses that other men could relate to – traffic, family matters, “other higher priorities” – so that these men just might let you slide on by.

C. Humble yourself with trust, and be open and willing to learn something new.

D. Spin the conversation back on the person, making them the wrong one.

E. Do a shame spiral into childhood recalling each time you were punished, throwing a tantrum to get out of it.

6. SITUATION – You look down at your phone and see you are getting a call from someone you don’t really want to talk to. You choose to:

A. Answer the call, and pretend you’re busy, giving short, agitated answers with a super negative vibe.

B. Let it go to voicemail – ignore it forever, hoping they get the concept that a no reply actually means “no” in the New Age of Enlightenment. If and when you see the person later on, practice your “What voicemail?”

C. Let it go to voicemail and check it later when you have nothing else to do or are stuck in two hours of traffic. Then text him back with a curt statement that carries as much closure context as possible.

D. Ask yourself what your beef is with him. Tell it directly. Then create, express and hold any necessary boundaries.

E. Change your phone number, move out of state, create an alias to not ever be found again.

7. SITUATION – Your ex-wife talks shit about you to your own children. You decide to:

A. Do the same thing she is doing, making sure to be even more viscous and convincing, dredging up as much dirt on her as possible.

B. Defend your honor with your children by bringing your own presentation of your greatness. A PowerPoint is a bonus.

C. Have a laugh at whatever name she called you by acting it out in front of the kids as a joke.

D. Change your phone number, move out of state, create an alias to not ever be found again.

E. Love your kids.

8. SITUATION – You want a job – such as Division Coordinator within the men’s circles or a dream job in your life – and you are not chosen for it. You choose to:

A. Quit the profession, quit the division and never try again.

B. Move along with a mask of “Whatever, I didn’t really care anyway.”

C. Ask about and dig into reasons why you weren’t picked so you can grow and improve yourself, ultimately improving your chances with future opportunities.

D. Sabotage whoever was chosen in some secret, backhanded way.

E. Buy a motor-home and proclaim a new vision to really “get to know my country.”

9. SITUATION – Someone sends you a negative flame in an e-mail or otherwise attacks you mercilessly on social media. You choose to:

A. In the middle of the night, go find his house and toilet paper it.

B. Fire back with twice the intensity.

C. In a word: “unfriend.”

D. Meet up with him or her and do your best De Niro impression: “You talkin’ to me?”

10. SITUATION – Your girlfriend or wife starts to get super upset over something. You choose to:

A. Tell her, “This is really not that important.”

B. Inform her that her emotions may be due to some hormonal imbalance coming from one of those “feminine cyclical thingamabobs.”

C. Offer a laundry list of ways to fix the problem.

D. Stop asking for a threesome.

11. BONUS SITUATION – You take an online quiz, and then realize towards the end, “Hey there is no way to tally up these answers.” You think:

A. “Good one Ellis!”

B. “All in good fun!”

C. “Who needs a tally anyway?”

D. “You aren’t going to give us another option … are you?”

ANSWER KEY: If you answered A, B, C, D or E to any of the above, you are “in the game!” Congratulations.

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