Are You Embracing the Code of Honor in Our Lives?

Paul Marcotte
Legacy Magazine Scout

When is the last time you have really reviewed and embraced the Code of Honor in your life?

How about at a men’s team meeting?

I’m not talking about reading through the tenets and glossing over their in-depth details. I’m asking when have you or your team used the Code of Honor for a serious gut check? For example, are you really embracing commitment before ego, or are you just providing lip service? 

When you are inspecting a man in the circle, are you sincerely mentoring this man to live with excellence or are you ripping the man apart for a character trait you hate about yourself?

What about your personal and work relationships? Are you tearing a man down whom you feel might have gotten a job you are more qualified for? How about your family relationships? Are you honoring the truth when one of your kids is coming to you with a serious life challenge, or is this the thing that set you over the edge with your child catching hell for it? 

How about honoring the truth? Are you selling a man out because you don’t want to rock the boat? How about yourself? Are you being honest with yourself in all areas of your life or are selling yourself out? Or are you bullshitting yourself and saying one more beer before I hit the road won’t hurt? 

We strive to live by these tenets, and we aren’t perfect. We will fail.

We need a circle of men in our lives who hold us accountable and who are going to call us out on our own bullshit and blindspots. We owe it to other men in the circle to do the same for them as well. This is one of the many ways we support each other on this purpose-driven journey we find ourselves on.

No man is an island. We need other men in our lives to achieve excellence. 

The next time life has you on the ropes and you’re about to lose your shit, PAUSE, BREATHE, REFLECT, pull up the Code of Honor on your phone and see if there is a tenet that can ground you before you pour gasoline on a fire. If you can’t do this, call another man in your circle, and ask for help.

Chances are these actions will move you in the direction of the man you always wanted to be. 


  • Commitment Before Ego
  • Honor the Truth
  • Respect Confidentiality
  • Keep Your Word
  • Be a Three-Dimensional Man
  • Be Prepared
  • Defend Humanity
  • Always be Faithful to the Men
  • Defend the Code
  • Never Engage in Battles with Weaker Opponents
  • Fight only Honorable Battles
  • Earn and Honor Rank
  • Be Humble
  • Embrace all Men
  • Be an Example to Children

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