Alive With The Energy of Transformation

Saul Nir
Guest Writer

This 2022 Ontario Legacy Discovery weekend – November 11 at Shadow Lake, Ontario, Canada – was so well attended due to the pandemic’s pent-up demand. The participants were also more experienced men, most already on MDI teams. As a training team, we felt the responsibility of the larger LD. We all put in weeks and months of practice and preparation.

On the first evening, we realized these participants were clearly experienced and understood the concepts quickly. We also noticed that, like most of us men, the participants were “in their heads” a lot. All of us, the training team, the King team, the Warrior team, the Magician team and the Lover team, realized we needed to adjust.

We focused on the participants experiencing and feeling things rather than just learning concepts. This meant emphasizing our shares, where we bring the concepts to life through impactful stories from our own lives. It also meant focusing on the part where the participants share with each other and with the large circle how these things show up in their lives.

By Saturday, we felt the shift. Men were revealing vulnerably, and breakthroughs were happening everywhere. By Sunday, the space was alive and full of the bright energy of transformation.

Learning awareness of the archetype shadows, we can choose and move to the mature Warrior, Magician and Lover. When we do that, we live as the mature King in our lives.

There is no other experience in my life that matches this.

Seeing the courage of the participants taking on their lives and knowing that we all had a part in it was the most fulfilling experience. When I say all of us, I mean everyone that helped the Legacy Discovery weekend. Those in front of the men and those filling the many support roles needed to make this transformative weekend happen.

Ontario Legacy Discovery 2022 – The four archetypes and their shadows. Warrior – Dimitar Staykov, Lover – Saul Nir, Magician – Gerry Ruygrok, King – Chris Iskander

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