A World Beyond the Veil

By James Anthony Ellis, Legacy Editor

From all that I have experienced peering into “reality” from this limited, filtered brain matter of mine, I do believe we hold at core an identity so brilliant, so bright, that the mere thought of it transcends common comprehension.

But what do I know?

As the belief continues its stream of consciousness, I believe somewhere along the line, at some point, the veil descended upon us, and we were left to venture on the other side of this barrier.



Turning and facing a direction opposite of the Sun.

Blinded in the dark.


Just maybe, life is this journey of awakening, from the mentality of the puny individual ego to a more expanded identity living at the level of humanity.  Just maybe we are all connected at some deeper level, all part of something bigger than ourselves. Maybe our experiences in this physical realm are designed to offer us expansion of mind and spirit, ultimately leading us to three things:

  1. The deepest connection to our source
  2. The truest connection to all sentient beings
  3. Love

Or nahhhhhhh.

I mean, I don’t have proof or anything. I mean, nothing I can show you. But I do have experiences. As we all do. And if I were to bundle those up and hold them dear as I am wont to do, I would wish to carry all I need for my proof of a world beyond the veil.

The experiences have been many:

  • A father teaching me the powers of ESP as he quizzed me on the playing card he hid from my sight, having me guess its identity by reading his mind.
  • A high school friend who knew I was thinking of her, mentally reaching out to her to ring my phone at 10:20 pm, before she called saying, “You must stop thinking of me; I must get some sleep.”
  • The years of meditation and expansion of stillness beyond the body.
  • The trips on the dream landscapes and higher planes of existence, meeting up with various spirit guides and angels.
  • The multidimensional mystic readings where the completely unknown could be brought forth – as example the numeric address (10) of my mother’s childhood home in De Tour Michigan, unknown to everyone living, and only found when researching a census from 1940.
  • The spiritual experiences of my mother’s passing – as time stood still, and of my father’s passing – as his own mother’s energy entered the room to help usher him onward … beyond the veil.

For those who say my experiences represent something hocus-pocus, imagined, or even devilish on some level, I merely hark back to a message having us consider the results of such experiences … as I know their true identity by the fruit they bear.

  1. Closeness with others
  2. Connection to source
  3. Love

That veil that keeps me separate from closeness, connection and love can arise at any time – as long as I still have an ego that wishes to be right, a brittle identity that needs leverage over others, and a mind bent on judging others without walking in their shoes.

What I thought would keep me clear of that veil – the supernatural experiences – would not be what sustains the awareness. At first I thought it would, but I was mistaken.

What really brings me to the state beyond ego is found – not through mystical experiences proving the other side, but rather the physical experiences that invite me to bring the high principles to my common relationships.

In the end, it wasn’t the marvel of the metaphysical or the mystical that would bring faith, joy, connection and unity.

At one point in the 1990s I attended a Unity Church believing this would bring – well of course – unity in my life. Unity with God, unity with others.

But no. I found out it wasn’t a title of a church that brought unity. For at this particular church, I found that people were holding to a level of separation that would not offer me what I wanted. I recall on one Sunday a former girlfriend ignoring me in the hallways, the same day she ended up on stage touting a unity course she was helping to facilitate.

What the hell?

A few years later, I would participate in a transformational seminar called the Men’s Weekend, and then move onward to a Point Program and then a men’s team. I would find that on these men’s teams in MDI, we would hold to a concept of true unity, even if we didn’t call it that. 

We would just call it not holding a “list” or grudge.

Oh my God, this was it!

For all the sacred texts that talked about unity, peace of mind, connection and the need to remove barriers in order to realize an eternal love, who knew it would be found here, right here, on our own piece of dirty ground?

No option to carry a grudge, be judgmental, avoid conflict, be pissed off each other. No! The only thing that works for a true team is the powerful concept of unity, practiced authentically in order to win and to create a space of success for all its members.

Over the years on men’s teams, it’s been a wild ride – of arguments, fights, victories, clearings and triumphs. But most of all – it’s been a journey to a world beyond the veil.

Beyond bullshit, separation and the justification for it.

I found unity in circle of men unwilling to have grudges with each other, so the connection could reign.

The results of such an intention? It has brought peace. And in that state of mind, arises love – not just for myself selfishly, and not just for others in my nearby circle, but for all.

Now that’s a metaphysical experience to expand upon.

That’s a state of unity to celebrate.

That’s a journey beyond the veil to what really matters.

4 thoughts on “A World Beyond the Veil”

  1. Gary Wojciechowski

    Well written, yes indeed I think we all can sense beyond the veil, even though we may fear it at times it’s what really real. We’re all one!

  2. James, your description of your journey of bringing the spiritual into the physical demonstrates your deep awareness of what is beyond your body. Great read. Thanks Bernie

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