A Tale of Greatness … Starring You

Justin LaBarge 
Producer, Legacy Magazine

In my experience of life on a men’s team, I have learned a special skill. Through the many twists of my life’s journey, and and by ruthless compassion and collective wisdom, I’ve learned how to empower others. I’ve learned how to position others by providing them the opportunity, in fact, to be great. And If I happen to be the recipient of your gift of trust, you’ll believe me when I say that you too have this ability.

I discovered this ability out of need.

I’m very much like your typical male. Every fiber of my being is imbued with the masculine instinctual desire for freedom, conquest, and strength. (Why else would the “Mars” male symbol be an outward shield and spear ♂ ?).

However, in this one case in my life I had taken on a responsibility too great for this one simple man. I had to relocate my business. I had to move!

Moving can be difficult, but in this case it was my small business office. I felt the task was too small to hire a professional, but yet too great for yours truly. After bringing my conundrum to my men’s team, the simple truth was laid bare. I had to ask for help!

It was undeniable. There was nothing – NOTHING! else I could do.

So, against every singular survival instinct I put myself out there. “Men, I need help.”

What ensued was nothing short of astonishing. As I braced for the receipt of the denials of others, the answer from the men was an overwhelming YES! And I’m not talking about “OK sure.” I witnessed “I’d be honored to help.” “Thanks for thinking of me.” “I was hoping you’d have asked me.”

Are you shitting me?

Not only did things go smoothly, eight men arrived ready to TAKE CARE of me. These men showed up early, followed instructions, operated with caution, and stayed until the job was finished – which ended up being THREE HOURS early. When else, other than this my hour of need have I seen this?

The lasting image in my memory was at the front door of my new office building. I pulled out my new key out of my pocket and, try as I might, couldn’t get the key to turn. “Here, let me try,” said Dan Kempner. Two minutes of fucking with the lock later, and I was literally IN!

Thanks man!

It was then that I realized the truth for myself. Yes! I can cause greatness in others by asking for their help.

There’s no special trick. Sure, if you try it a few things need to go your way, but that’s the remarkable part. Should you try it, realize that your asking for help is an opportunity you are offering for someone to in fact be great.

Now I ask, has this happened for you? Have you encountered someone in dire straights? Did you go above and beyond based on a request?

I’d like to think that you, dear reader, would answer “yes.”

Because in my mind, this was an act of your own greatness.

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