A Gift For Katrina – Compiling a Book on the Legacy of Fred Vesey

By David Horobin, Western Region

Along with Larry MacDonald, I am compiling a book about the Legacy of Fred Vesey. We want everyone who knew him to contribute. He was a powerful force in my life, as he has been for many, many others. I had the privilege of being one of “his men,” as well as having a wonderful masculine friendship that spanned the 21 years over which we knew each other. We laughed, we cried, we went as deep emotionally as two men can go. We helped each other though a lot of shit, and now it’s all changed and we must hang on to the memories.

The idea of the book is as a present for Katrina. I know she is aware of how Fred impacted people, but I’m not sure she really sees the extent and depth of Fred’s impact on so many men, women, young men and children. We can all show her by giving her a short glimpse into our history with Fred and the amazing legacy of the man.

Most of us that knew and loved him have some sort of Vesey anecdote that would be worth sharing with the world, particularly, Katrina and the family. Some of us have pictures, also. All of us have memories. Our memories may fade but this gift can be with her forever. Say whatever you want to say to Fred, Katrina, their families or even as a reminder to yourself, but send me something that tells the world what an important part of your life Fred occupied whether for just a few minutes of for decades.

I’m asking that each one of you contribute something to the book so that Katrina has a long-lasting memory of the man she loved so dearly. Send what you have, and if there’s a particular memory that exemplifies this man, put it down on paper, e-mail it to me and we will produce memories for Katrina that will last a lifetime.

E-mail – dhorobin@earthlink.net

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