A Collection of Victories From the Men

As always, it’s good to hear from the men on the topic at hand. On any topic, it’s good to go to the collective wisdom of the men and see what is to be shared and revealed. This month we hear from the men posting on social media, in answer to this question: “What is your biggest success in your life?”

Art McCormack
Well, without giving it any thought I’d say having two fantastic sons. Even though I wasn’t always the father I wanted to be, they are more than I could ever ask for as sons. Smart, good looking, healthy, great men.

Todd Sorbo
Finding my wife.  

Garrett Hollarn
Reframing my life, finding MDI, and finding love and my wife, and on my terms.

Bryce Honstead
Simply put – creating my family, which encompasses the courage to change a lot of my life so that I knew I could survive a relationship with a woman and succeed at it and get married, and then persevere in having kids. Manifesting that was magical to me: creating a family is my biggest victory.   

Willy Holt
My biggest victory is getting sober, because without that I never would have had another victory in my life. I would have absolutely nothing today. No men’s team, no relationship with my daughters, no respect in my chosen trade. I’d have nothing. It will be 30 years in March.   

Richie Gomes
My biggest victory is having the same career for 38 years. Long ago, there was a moment when one of the techs was leaving the company. I went up to my boss and said, “Ed, I want his company car, his tool bag, and I’ll take his calls. I’ll learn on the job.” That moment in time I said, “Fuck it.” I wanted the life I could see ahead of me, and I got it.

Andy Resnik
I was living someone else’s life, a life i wasn’t designed for. I put EVERYTHING on the line to break out of that life and into my own. I am authentic to my nature and no longer invisible: I WON.” 

Bill Oakes
Being married 36 years and going through what I had to in order to have that, and have two great sons along the way.  

Richard Herrera
My sons looking up to me and being proud of me. It’s huge.   

Matt Coddington
Biggest success is me gaining responsibility, a sense of taking responsibility for myself, and to things that are bigger than myself, for those who rely on me. It took a long time. Regardless of time it took, it doesn’t really matter. The destination counts.

Eric Louie
The biggest victory is getting my bachelors degree in electrical engineer at Sacramento State. I met the expectation head on and passed.

Bernie Fitterer
Victory is when two or more people come together and compete with each other, not to out do or be better than another person or group, but rather they come together to have an experience that enhances the lives of everyone engaged in the competition and beyond. I have had this experience.

Chris Christopher
Somehow keeping a family together in an environment least likely to make it happen.  

Zach Land
Understanding what was, what is and what will be.

2 thoughts on “A Collection of Victories From the Men”

  1. It’s inspiring to learn the many different forms victory can take for different men, it would be great to hear from more men.

  2. Men, especially MDI men, are accustomed to speaking in private and revealing mainly to small confidential circles. Which makes sense. I think at this point, we can practice “knowing when and how to take off the mask.” Some things we can share only privately and some things we can share publicly … to support other men and to connect with them. Thanks Art for being one man who will reveal part of your life process.

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