New MDI Leaders – Trading “Baseball Cards”

As each man in MDI knows, the opportunities for leadership create ever-changing roles. To keep men in the know, here are the baseball cards (basic information) on the new leaders in the MDI organization. For details on MDI, go to MentorDiscoverInspire.org.


Jim Lawrence
New England/Wicked Hahd
Birthplace: Providence, RI
Essentials: Married 23 years, no kids
Occupation: Mortgage Loan Officer at Finance of America mortgage, LLC; President and Treasurer, Land Ho Properties, Inc – Real Estate Investments
MDI Position: Regional Coordinator
3 Words how I’ll screw it up: Thinking I know
3 Words how I’ll positively impact the men: Demand their Best

5-4-rodgRod Greene
Region/Division: Southwest Region / Full Monty
Birthplace: Van Nuys, CA
Essentials: Married November 2014 (no children yet)
Occupation: Air-conditioning company and a Disaster Preparedness company
MDI Position: My job is International Event Manager (IEM)
3 Words how I’ll screw it up: Not Taking Notes
3 Words how I’ll positively impact the men: Hard Won Lessons