WHAT IS A MEN’S TEAM (and how do I find one)?

It starts with a call.

On the phone or on video. No sales pitches, just a conversation between you and an
MDI member who’s been close to where you are now. We won’t say he’s been exactly
there, because that’s BS and we don’t BS, ever. He’ll talk about MDI, our meetings,
training, activities, the how of MDI. But he’ll also talk about the why — what we get from
being on a men’s team and what and we give each other.

Each man has his own answers.

Many say MDI makes them better fathers, partners and men. Or that we’re the only
place they can be open, or be among men who are direct and real about caring about
them. Others say it helped them be the man they always wanted to be.

Of course, you’ll talk about you, too, unless you’re not ready. At the end you can say
thanks but no thanks, or you can keep going, and do a couple of one-hour, get-to-know-
us online sessions over the next two weeks.

It’s not poker night. We all win here.

We’ll also invite you to a couple of local team meetings, online or in person. These
meetings are the heart of MDI. There’s laughs, but this is no night out with the boys. We
share how we’re doing, if we did what we said we’d do that week, and if we didn’t we
own up to it and explore why. We ask each other for advice about things that are on our
minds, decisions we need to make, and get back some pretty rare things: honesty,
caring, and the truth, even if it hurts.

Essentially, we hold each other to a higher standard, and help each other reach it. That
happens outside our meetings as well, because being a man is 24/7, so your
teammates are always there for you. That’s pretty much MDI right there.

All this, the meetings and online sessions, is on us. If you decide to join the team, we
each pay $30 a month to keep things like this website going. MDI is 99% volunteer-run.

If you’ve made it this far, why not arrange a call?

We know it’s not natural for men to talk about themselves. But here’s the thing: MDI is
not a support group, we don’t cry in our beers, or have PhD’s in emoting. We’re simply
ordinary men who felt that that they could be more, and looking in the mirror wasn’t
giving us the answers. But instead of turning away, we turned to other men. And coming
together like this, we help each other find those answers. And a whole lot more.