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Gratitude for Life’s Challenges

Throughout our lives, we experience the storms and challenges that push us to our limits and beyond. When we face and overcome those challenges, we are left with lessons, personal growth, and finally … gratitude. This month’s Legacy Magazine is dedicated to ALL we have to be thankful for.

A Stream of Consciousness of Gratitude, You Know?

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Thank You For Firing Me

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Honor Thyself by Honoring the Truth

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Thank You Bad Back For Kicking My Butt

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“The MDI Sessions” – A Relevant Talk on Gratitude

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Iron Sharpening Iron with Your Commitments

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Thanks Dad For a Great Life

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The Power of List Clearing

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Good Reading

Thank You For Firing Me

Thank You For Firing Me

Dylan Stewart Columnist   This is the story of three firings. Three separate positions in which I failed. Three separate times I got “taken out“ of a position … and how each time it made me better.   1.  Seeing More in Myself In September of 1997, I was doing what any...

To Kill A Mocking Word

To Kill A Mocking Word

Craig Jones Columnist   I’m going to use the word one time and one time only, though dignifying it with the appellation “word” is a status it does not deserve. Thereafter, if needed for clarity, it will be referred to as TWTSNBN (the word that shall not be named)....

Lessons in Leadership!

Honor Thyself by Honoring the Truth

Howard Spierer Columnist   One of the things I cherish about the Legacy Discovery weekend is that men have the ability to own up to the dark side of who they are. Over the course of the weekend, the intimacy of the space we create, with the absence of any inducement...

The Power of Letting Other People Shine

Howard Spierer Columnist   For those of you who know me, it should not come as a surprise to hear that when I first joined this organization I was cocky and arrogant and had an answer for everything. It was at that time that I came to learn a very valuable lesson from...

Suicide – A Dark Topic We Must Face

Howard Spierer Columnist   What follows is admittedly dark and some might judge as fucked up, so here’s my disclaimer. These are my views, thoughts and opinions. They are not MDI’s nor the editors of Legacy. I own them completely. If you wish to discuss them, call or...

The Dilemma of a Chain-of-Command Leadership Structure

Howard Spierer Columnist The dilemma of enforcing chain of command in a volunteer organization. One of the tenets of our MDI Code of Honor is to earn and honor rank. I’d like to address a real-life dilemma that occurs on occasion in our organization. Assume the...

Speaking Truth to Power

Howard Spierer Columnist The Importance of creating an environment for your men can speak their truth to power. This lesson in leadership comes from a recent personal experience. In mid-June I was removed from my position within MDI, I believe not because of anything...

Enrolling Others into Action with a Simple Question

Howard Spierer Columnist   Previously I talked about owning your actions by moving from “I need” to “I want” and getting better connected to the “why” behind the things you choose to do. Well, it should come as no surprise to hear that unraveling the “why” is just as...

Increasing the Likelihood of Success by Changing One Word

Howard Spierer Columnist   Before you read beyond the next paragraph, I’d like you to engage in a simple exercise. After reading the rest of this paragraph, close your eyes, and then run through your “to do” list. What’s on it? More importantly how would you...

Bringing Order to Group Think Using the Archtypes

Howard Spierer Columnist I truly believe that what follows is gold for anyone charged with leading a group through the decision making process. While I refer to the archetypal energy of the King, Warrior, Lover and Magician, the construct works with other reference...

Wise Words!

A Love of Legacy; A Love of Discovery

A Love of Legacy; A Love of Discovery

Pete Hymans
Staff Writer

Sixteen men arrived on Friday, October 19 evening at a beautiful site outside of Toronto, Ontario, Canada, where they were welcomed warmly and lead to engage in 2-1/2 days of the Legacy Discovery Training Experience.

The Training Team Lead by Anthony Dykstra LEAD GEL and Brent Nacu, Training Team Manager gave the men their hearts and energy throughout the event. Great fun was had, Superb food was served and the accommodations were warm and comfortable.
In short, I love the Legacy Discovery and what it offers the men – in the weekend experience and on the training team.
Back Story 1:

In order to broaden and enhance the Legacy Discovery and to help develop more uniformity internationally, I was given the opportunity to represent the Western Region at Toronto’s LD, where I was honored to lead three very impactful modules of the event and to experience the support and response of the training team of the Toronto Region. In addition to the training team, there were visitors, which included the President and finance manager of MDI and other men who have made significant contributions to the growth and power of the LD and to MDI as a whole. I had a chance to meet face-to-face with “voices” I had been with on organizational calls over the years.

Back Story 2:
After I graduated my LD in October of 2006, I have been on every Legacy discovery training team since and have had the joy, pleasure and challenge of being Shaman, and each of the archetypes in that time. I have attended Legacy Discoveries in the Southwest Region and Toronto. In my rich, long life, I have been a part of many weekend growth experiences and have found immense value in the Legacy Discovery for several reasons.
The Legacy Discovery
  • Trains trainers to be better public speakers, to think and act quickly, within the context of any situation which may pop-up during an event
  • Touches on every area of a man’s life where he may be challenged or have growth opportunities
  • Gives men perspective of four archetypal behaviors (and their shadow aspects); this helps men self-inspect and manage behavior and relationships wisely
  • Provides participants with rare opportunities to go deep into their wishes, fears and doubts in a safe, confidential environment
  • Is a place where men learn from the deep inner reaches of men’s lives and develop empathy and supportive skills they will use for the rest of their lives
  • Has a variety of exercises, games, and ceremonies so men remain sharp and in the game at all times
  • Whole-heartedly embraces men from all walks of life into the fold in order to emerge at the end with a transformed sense of liberation from discrimination
  • Has no religious or political position, and such issues are discussed, only where they are relevant to a participant’s understanding of the event
  • Welcomes men with medical conditions, diet restrictions or physical disabilities, with every reasonable accommodation made to insure them a rich and successful experience.
I constantly use skills and concepts I learned in 2006 in my business and personal life roles and know that I am far more successful and well received as a person because of the Legacy Discovery. Opportunities to participate, be on the production or training teams are available to almost every man and the value from this goes wide and deep and, in many ways is indescribable.
As a result of my devotion to the Legacy Discovery, I am a stronger, richer, brighter and more congenial man, businessman, friend and father. I live in a context of security, optimism, camaraderie and ability. And I have the support of other men with Legacy Discovery training so that I may share, contrast and celebrate my life with them.
I am ever grateful for MDI and the Legacy Discovery and am yours in service.