Our President  – Stan Snow

Stan Snow is proud to be a member of an MDI men’s team for nearly 20 years and proud of the man he is becoming as a result.

snow-copyHe was born in May, 1957, in New Haven, Connecticut, and brought to Maine as an infant. He was adopted and raised as an only child, living in Maine the rest of his life, so far. After getting his degree from the University of Maine, he spent the next 22 years as an insurance and financial advisor. He has spent the last 10 years as a network marketing professional with LegalShield, giving families and businesses access to legal services.

Stan is divorced with 2 grown children. Erica, 26, lives in the Boston area pursuing her modeling career. Tyler, 23, is serving in the Marine Corps. “I couldn’t be prouder of my children. They are great adults and my work in MDI has made me a better Dad.”

Snow was a guest at his first team meeting in January, 1995, and has been in one leadership job after another, including team captain, point man and manager, Division Coordinator in Maine twice, Regional Coordinator in New England twice, along with several regional and international leadership positions along the way to being elected President in 2014.

“I am passionate about ensuring that every man has an opportunity to experience what I saw at that first meeting 20 years ago – men committed to telling each other the unvarnished truth and being able to hear it in the spirit of caring with which it was delivered. That has changed my life now and forever.”