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Men who experience 4 MDI team meetings, typically feel a sense of clarity, strength and gratitude, knowing there’s an army of men standing behind them. 

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WTF is a Virtual Men’s Team?

A team of men, committed to causing greatness in their lives and meet weekly, for up to 2 hours via an online video conference call. 

Each meeting is designed to help you be the man you’ve always wanted and get you clear on winning the next 7 days (until you meet again).

Confidentiality is a valued core value at MDI.  Your personal information will never be shared, sold or distributed.

Is This Really Free? 

Yes! We’re in unprecedented times. Hundreds of thousands of lives have been impacted by COVID-19. We believe if we stick together as one world family and leverage the strength and wisdom of the collective, we’ll get through this easier. 

About MDI – Mentor. Discover. Inspire.

As an organization, we believe that true wisdom comes not from a single source, but from a diverse community of men. We do not seek to define what winning means for an individual man, or to dictate what passion a man should pursue. Neither do we seek to erect or define the parameters of how that process even looks.

Our teams range in size from three men to more than twenty men. Our youngest member is 18. Our oldest is well into his 80’s. We cover the spectrum of ethnicity, political belief and vocation. We have members who have been married for more than 50 years, who have been divorced, who are in long-term committed relationships or have never been married.


Hear it from other new & old members … 

“I really panicked hard about losing my job last week and I felt like I was losing myself quickly. I’m definitely not feeling back to normal … but I feel 100% like I will prevail. Thank you to the men who picked me up this week.” 

~ Jack, 38 years old, Member since Feb 21, 2020

“I used my men to vent hard about things at work at home with the crazy times we’re in. I then got the most supportive and caring feedback.”

~ Neal, 38 years old, Member since July 7, 2009


  1. Is this a religious group? 

No, MDI is not a religious organization.  We welcome men from all religions, and no religion, in MDI.

  1. Is there a dominant ethnicity, or demographic group?

No.  MDI has men from all races and demographic groups.  MDI does tend to represent the communities it is located in.  For example, suburban teams tend to have an older average age than urban teams.

  1. Is MDI anti-gay?

No.  MDI welcomes all men regardless of their politics, religion, ethnicity or sexual orientation.

  1. OK, so 4 meetings for free, then what?

We believe your 4 free meetings will give you an accurate picture of Mentor Discover Inspire. You will be asked to join at that time if MDI is for you. Registration is a simple online process. Dues for MDI are $30 per month (in Canada and the USA), or $300 per year, with quarterly and semi-annual options.

  1. Who makes money from this?

No one.  MDI is a not for profit in the USA and a non-profit in Canada.  MDI has no full-time employees.


  1. Sign-Up –  Register for your 4 FREE meetings. 
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MDI empowers men by providing them with the tools they need to succeed. This can come in the form of weekend training or weekly courses, one on one mentoring or weekly team meetings. In a nutshell, we’re unconditionally committed to men winning their lives.