How you can Help Special Ops

  1. Volunteer time to clear CPRs
  2. Train a new team leader (via phone)
  3. Visit and Inspire a new team
  4. Help to start a new team
  5. Volunteer to post social media ads
  6. Call men you know in target areas
  7. Call David Plante (413) 575-0194


Seattle, WA

Minneapolis, MN

Modesto, CA

Salt Lake City, UT

Phoenix, AZ

Denver, Co

Major cities in Florida

Big Hairy Audacious Goal (BHAG)

By 2037 there are at least 1,000,001 men in 7 or more countries who are members on men’s teams creating successful families, careers and communities

5 Year Plan

5,000 Active Members on teams

Operating in 3 or more Countries

Teams in the top 20 most populated cities in North America

1,000,001 followers on social media

Fully operational & profitable signature event


1. We celebrate mature masculinity
We stand for the importance of time-honored values of men: being responsible for our actions, honoring our word, humbly helping others succeed and striving to create successful families, careers, and communities

2. We live by a code
We offer men a code of honor. We aspire to live by that code

3. We strive for self-awareness through raw truth, straightforward mentoring and unwavering support
We listen deeply, speak frankly and support men to discover their own truth

4. We practice deep, non-judgmental compassion
We support others to rise beyond their barriers

5. We foster profound, masculine love
We express this love through words and actions that are challenging, simple, direct, often humorous, and unfiltered from our hearts

6. We value a life of fellowship
We see the value, strength, and power of unity. We train ourselves to ask for help and recognize that we thrive in relationship rather than in isolation

7. We create transformation through accountability
We hold one another accountable and work to become dependable men of our word

8. We embrace and honor the power of legacy
We honor the wisdom and sacrifice of those who came before us. We live to build our own legacy with love, service, and success thus enriching those who follow us.

How to contact the members of the MDI Board of Directors

Aldrich Greg (978) 660-2669 New England
Andersen David (310) 403-4559 Southwest
Gershenson Barry (310) 261-1087 Southwest
Gjers Charles ‭(831) 247-9090‬ Western
Guichard Alain (408) 840-8324 Western
Kempner Dan (617) 721-1210 New England
Lawrence Jeff (403) 472-6661 W. Canada
Leggett Jeremy (404) 542-8509 Southeast
Oliver Steve (705) 340-2916 E. Canada
Pettengill Jeffrey (978) 495-0809 New England
Powell Wayne (780) 387-1087 Canada
Stewart Dylan (310)699-3864 Southwest
Tomlinson Geoff (416) 822-3541 Canada
Zenna Warren (917)701-0130 Mid Atlantic

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